Building Information

List of Residence Halls
East Quad Housing
Residence Hall Occupancy Designation (all residence halls are coeducational unless noted)
Beaver 81 Upperclassmen
Crawford 293 First-Year Students
East 122 Upperclassmen
Huffman 75 Upperclassmen
Sawyer 82 Upperclassmen
Shaw 100 Upperclassmen
Shepardson 126 Upperclassmen
West Quad Housing
Curtis East 86 Upperclassmen
Curtis West 83 Upperclassmen
Shorney 253 First-Year Students
Smith 118 First-Year Students
North Quad Housing
Schaff 25 Upperclassmen
Beta 29 First-Year Students
Brown Hall 54 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Chamberlin 56 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Elm-Lower 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Elm-Upper 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Good Hall 52 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Hayes 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Kappa Sigma 34 Upperclassmen
Morrow House 37 Upperclassmen
Moshier Huchison House 32 Upperclassmen
Myers Hall 54 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Pratt Hall 54 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Preston House 35 Upperclassmen
Sunset House 22 Upperclassmen
Silverstein Hall 165 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Taylor House 26 Upperclassmen
Wright 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
South Quad Housing
King Hall 36 Upperclassmen
Stone 60 Apartments
Satellite Quad Housing
Homestead 12 Upperclassmen, Alternative Living (by application)

*Students should seek designation information through the ResEd page on myDenison

* Housing Designations (subject to change)