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The former University of Miami vice president of enrollment management and new student strategies will join Denison in September 2024.
The Fulbright alum, who taught in Korea, will conduct a STEM summer program for young girls living in a social welfare home in South Korea.
A Hilltopper shares his experience opening up for the world’s most famous groundhog.

Emmet Anderson ‘25

Dancer Grace Lukens ’26 never imagined herself a fencer. But that’s the kind of thing that happens at Denison.
A geology field trip to the Andes seeks to better understand the sources of major earthquakes and save lives.
Kirsten Edwards ’77 didn’t live long enough to see her novel published. So her friends stepped in.
The audio series from The Reporting Project shares community stories rarely told.
Twenty years later, the roommates of Stone Hall 105 return to where it all began.
Araque, senior vice president and director of consumer, private, and business banking for the Johnson Financial Group, to lead the 2024-2025 board.
via Wisconsin Bankers Association
Former basketball player Hodgkinson, a partner at McCollum Hodgkinson & Nikitas, is an inductee of the Big Red Athletic Hall of Fame.
via Chicago Daily Herald
Kretchmar was one of only 200 racers selected for the “XL-level” contest: 352 miles on all-gravel roads through the Flint Hills region of Kansas.
via The Reporting Project
Hundreds packed The Hill to rediscover old friends and share their pride in Denison’s outstanding accomplishments.
As these young grads navigate a wide range of professional challenges and opportunities, they reflect on the ways their Denison education prepared them.
All information for class notes was submitted over the last year, prior to publishing.
The former Lehigh University vice president for student affairs will join Denison in the summer of 2024.
Denison wins its fifth consecutive North Coast Athletic Conference All-Sports Championship trophy and boasts some standout performances.
Colleges should strive to teach students both how to think and to be career-ready when they graduate, says President Adam Weinberg.
The Big Red have won 80 matches in four years under David Schilling ’89, who’s pumped up the intensity and the volume.
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