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Alan Miller, executive editor of The Columbus Dispatch, to join program full-time
Colleges can make a difference in the most persistent challenges facing our country: a lack of meaningful jobs and growing income inequality.

Adam Weinberg

As we get ready to start a new academic year, I want to share some reflections and advice.
Praise for DU’s program from top bluegrass magazine

Chris Thiessen, Bluegrass Unlimited

The National Science Foundation has awarded Denison $650,000 to enable talented low-income students to pursue majors and careers in STEM fields.
Libby Eckhardt to join Denison’s senior staff as vice president for communications and branding
This spring, graduating seniors at Denison University received an unexpected opportunity to become truly impactful philanthropists.
Denison University honors Professor Matt Neal with the prestigious Charles A. Brickman Teaching Excellence Award.
Denison University honors Professor Wes Walter with the prestigious Bonar Family Mentorship and Teaching Excellence Award.
Three Denison University students are participating in The Washington Center’s Summer Academic Internship Program.
Deceased mathematics professor Andrew Sterrett was awarded the Purple Heart and France’s highest honor: The Legion d’ Honneur (Legion of Honor).
via Newark Advocate
Prof. Shiri Noy’s research finds that over time, members of political parties have changed their views on religion and science.
via Denver Gazette
A son of El Salvadoran immigrants and one of the first in his family to attend college, Steven Villacorta ‘21 has excelled.
Prof. Christine Pae notes, “the Western church has long held up two images of women — the Virgin/Whore dichotomy.”
via NBC News
Each year, Denison University celebrates the accomplishments of its outstanding seniors.
Created by DU alumni, “Poser” is one of just six films chosen from more than 4,000 to compete in the U.S. Narrative Competition at Tribeca.
via NBC4 Columbus
Prof. Karen Spierling shares an op-ed about the value of embracing liberal arts skills while stepping into professional settings.
via Times Higher Ed
Author and Professor Peter Grandbois releases two new collections of poetry about mental illness and aging.