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Two summer scholar researchers take ten weeks to dive into one of the big questions in life: What is morality?
First in her family to go to college, Prof. Olivia Aguilar developed a love of science and the environment - now she teaches both to her students.
via Newark Advocate
Houston’s new book “Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country,” is an “elegy to the disappearing wild places on Earth.”
via The Spokesman-Review
A generous donation of $2.5 million in memory of Coach Piper will endow the head football coaching position at Denison.
With more than 100 programs to choose from, you’ll find the ideal fit for your study abroad.

Molly Keisman

Conflict is not inherently unhealthy, as many people think. Conflict can lead to innovation, relationship-building, and self-exploration.

Douglas Lisko

Prof. Jack Shuler writes about 5 groups successfully fighting addiction in Newark, Ohio, that could serve as a model for others around the country.
via Pacific Standard
Henry Durand ’70, longtime mentor and an inspiration to underrepresented students at the University of Buffalo, dies at age 70.
via The Buffalo News
A fearless curiosity led to a better understanding of the roots of divisiveness, and ways to find common ground.
Denison is ranked #11 in the nation by College Consensus for dining experiences.
Jazz artist Pete Mills, with members of Columbus Jazz Orchestra, local & national artists present “Songs & Sounds of the Harlem Renaissance.”
via Ohio Magazine
Molly Johnson ’05 has been appointed Mahoning County Court Judge in northeastern Ohio.
via The Alliance Review
The Department of Communication was awarded a Presidential Citation for hosting the NCA Institute for Faculty Development/Hope Conference.
Volcanologist and geology prof. Erik Klemetti commented on the processes that unleashed a devastating tsunami in Indonesia.
via Wall Street Journal
We attract—and we nurture—whole people. We are excited by who they are when they arrive and proud to call them Denison alumni when they graduate.
via Denison Magazine
Dana Phillips ’20 explored political and social movements through the lyrics of Arabic hip-hop as a Summer Scholar.
Denison offers an outstanding liberal arts education — for the whole brain and the whole person.
Karan Anshuman’s “Inside Edge” is the first Indian show to be nominated for the 2018 International Emmy Awards in the Best Drama category.
via Hindustan Times
The Richard G. Lugar Plaza in Indianapolis was dedicated to honor former Senator Lugar’s contributions to the city.
With three new movies out this fall, Steve Carell ’84 has been adding to a rollercoaster of comedies and dramas that few actors could claim.
via Parade Magazine
Tom Atha’s 31 West, a former ballroom in Newark, Ohio has become an up-and-coming venue appreciated by artists and audience alike.
Canaan Gebele ’19 has wrapped up a Denison career that smashed the record book, racking up honors for yards, attempts, completions, TD’s and more.
via Capital Gazette
Already in front to take the 2018-19 All-Sports Championship, the Big Red has enjoyed a terrific start to the year. Read the season recap.
Bodenheimer ’80 didn’t change when he was named ESPN president. “Just because I had become president didn’t mean I became a lot smarter overnight”
via SportsBusiness Daily
A two-week sojourn in Rome with a Classics professor brings ancient history to life.
Kelly Maryanski ’10 is an artist, actor, dancer, and aerialist. She’s personalizing events and soirees with her own brand of portraits.
via VoyageChicago
Resident artists Christian and Anne Manns pay tribute to local history through exhibition “Monumental!”