At Denison, you’ll find great friends — and be part of something that makes a difference.
Student organizations
Minutes from Columbus, Ohio
Pause Play
Students roller skating
Epic Possibilities
It all starts on campus. 160+ student orgs give you plenty of options, and there’s always a concert, game, lecture, or performance to see. Plus it’s great sometimes to just hang out with your friends. Add in everything to do in Columbus and Granville and you’ve got epic possibilities.

So, what’s it really like to live here?

Res Halls give you options from singles to apartment-style living. You’ll find hundreds of tastes and food experiences on campus and off.
It's all about you: Building your life outside the classroom
It's hard to imagine what life is like on a college campus — and really, we could never describe it 100%. You'll have your own experience. You’ll find out things about yourself that you never knew, discover new strengths, talents, and capabilities. It’s the time of your life.
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