Newark Advocate

Deceased mathematics professor Andrew Sterrett was awarded the Purple Heart and France's highest honor: The Legion d’ Honneur (Legion of Honor).

Denver Gazette

Prof. Shiri Noy's research finds that over time, members of political parties have changed their views on religion and science.

NBC News

Prof. Christine Pae notes, "the Western church has long held up two images of women — the Virgin/Whore dichotomy."

NBC4 Columbus

Created by DU alumni, “Poser” is one of just six films chosen from more than 4,000 to compete in the U.S. Narrative Competition at Tribeca.

Times Higher Ed

Prof. Karen Spierling shares an op-ed about the value of embracing liberal arts skills while stepping into professional settings.

Inside Higher Ed

For academic parents and other busy faculty members, Denison Prof. Julie Mujic shares some productive ways to spend those precious free moments.

Newark Advocate

Denison's Eisner Center director talks about keeping the arts alive during the year-plus of COVID-19.

Newark Advocate

"I’ve had the special privilege of working with a broad range of colleagues to build a program from scratch ... and help it evolve." Abram Kaplan.

The River Bender

Walt Dakota Williams '84 brings 30 years of experience to his role as Economic Development Director for Madison, WI.

Columbus Dispatch

Cancel culture emerges to "takedown" behaviors that represent implicit bias, but research shows we all carry bias, says Prof. Toni King.

The Hill

President Weinberg on why spring break is different this year, maintaining campus health and safety—while also allowing a full college experience.

Vibrant textiles from Denison Museum are the subject of Fashioning Identity: Mola Textiles of Panamá, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Wall Street Journal

30 faculty took a winter-break challenge: learn to solve the Rubik's cube in five minutes or less and learn to become better instructors.

Wall Street Journal

Midwest cities like Columbus have had some of the most resilient job markets during the pandemic.

Discovery Magazine

NASA will land the most sophisticated rover ever on Mars this week; prof. Erik Klemetti lays out an agenda to map the history of the red planet.

Newark Advocate

Second in a series of investigative reporting by Journalism students on Black lives in Newark.

Newark Advocate

Journalism students investigate and report on Black lives in Newark in a series collaboration with the Newark Advocate and the NAACP.

Washington Post

Research by Prof. Paul Djupe and Jacob Dennen '21 finds that identification with QAnon, Christian nationalism, Trump and anti-Semitism are linked.

If you can work from anywhere, where do you want to live? Denison's next-door neighbor Columbus tops the list - making it a great place to launch.

Discover Magazine

Lava lakes, Lava flows, Lava domes, Prof. and vulcanologist Erik Klemetti waxes poetic on the mysteries of lava.

Sophia Menconi '20 is directing Samantha Simone (CBS "Blue Bloods”) and Xaiver Reyes (Kinky Boots National Tour) in "The Pee Test."

Prof. Fadhel Kaboub shares how to Modern Monetary Theory insights to current issues such as the pandemic.

Columbus Dispatch

Prof. Karen Powell Sears explains the history behind racist practices in real estate and banking industries that restrict Black home ownership.

Emmy-winning Matthew Hamachek '03 shares stories from his first Hollywood foray on the set of Master and Commander.

"Midland: Reports from Flyover Country," by profs Michael Croley and Jack Shuler is lauded for making reporting with ongoing value more accessible.

Columbus Underground

Columbus Makes Art interviews music prof. Pete Mills about the impact of the pandemic on teaching and the arts community.

Newark Advocate

"I definitely try to be a strong mentor for all my women students," says math and computer science professor Sarah Wolff.

"Volcanoes can be somewhat unpredictable, even with the best monitoring," says Prof. Erik Klemetti in an article about New Zealand's White Island.

Columbus CEO

Oyauma Garrison '96, president and CEO for A Kid Again, is a finalist for Columbus CEO of the Year.

Columbus Dispatch

Learning about racism and white privilege can make us better, says Prof. Karen Powell Sears.

European Rubber Journal

KC Crain has been named CEO of Crain Communications Inc., the Detroit-based, family-owned media company of more than 20 publications.

Hoover Institution

Chase Beamer '97 represents the US Department of State as a National Security Affairs Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Newark Advocate

"Understanding things on an atomic level truly allows you to better understand how the world and the body works," says Asso Prof Rachel Mitton-Fry.

Dayton 2 News

Former congressman and US ambassador Tony Hall '64 was named the recipient of 2020 Peace Prize by the Dayton Peace Accords Anniversary Committee.

Shawnee Mission Post

Carron Montgomery '04 sees firsthand how the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of children, teens, and families.


Gus Biggio's memoir, The Wolves of Helmand: A View from Inside the Den of Modern War explores the attorney's two terms in the Marine Corps.

Inside Higher Ed

Broadway may be closed, but performing and other arts are thriving at some colleges, writes Professor Margot Singer.

Illinois Business Journal

Community developer Walter "Dakota" Williams has been named president of an NAACP branch in Edwardsville, IL.

Money, Inc.

Money, Inc. features 10 things you didn't know about Ralph Schlosstein '72, co-founder of BlackRock and president and CEO of Evercore.

Author and veteran Gus Biggio's new book, The Wolves of Helmand, illuminates the Afghanistan war from an inside perspective.

Inside Higher Education

COVID-19 presents new opportunities for teamwork in academic settings write Global Commerce directors Karen Spierling and Jane Palmer.

Newark Advocate

Jack Wheeler, a therapist at the Whisler Center for Student Wellness, has been honored for his contributions on Licking County's 20 Under 40 list.


Working with individuals in recovery has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career says Dr. Matthew Christiansen '05 (Biology major).

Columbus Monthly

Enjoy an excerpt from Prof Jack Shuler's recent book, "This is Ohio”: A New Way of Thinking About Addiction.

Morning Journal

KeyBank VP Shaquira Johnson '98 (Communication major) has been chosen to lead the revenue team of Northeast Ohio's Boys & Girls Club.

Inside Higher Ed

Scholarship and teaching are enriched via intellectual community, says Prof. Adam Davis, sharing ways to enhance dialogue in today's environment.


Study by DU Faculty Robert Bennett III notes that Black athletes' potential to connect with voters can be larger than that of politicians.


French major and teacher Megan Cover '93 will lead the Chattanooga Girls Preparatory School.

Former English major Mark Stevens has been appointed a judge in North Carolina, where he served as an assistant DA in Wake County since 2008.

The Outdoor Wire

Leading Ohio's Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, biologist Cody Grasser '09 partners with the USDA, ODNR, and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.