Newark Advocate

Construction of a new residence complex for Denison University seniors heralds further major upgrades for campus housing yet to come.

Oprah Magazine

In 'Deep Creek,' Pam Houston's new book, her off-the-beaten-track ranch and interior life are inextricably woven together.

Inside Lacrosse

Denison's women's lax coach Maddie Coleman reminds her team: "these are moments we will not get back because time does not have a rewind app."

Ole Miss, University Of Mississippi News

DU psychology major Steven Soifer '76 is University of Mississippi School of Applied Sciences Chair of Department of Social Work.

The Journal Times

For the second year in a row, Anna Balch '17 will run with a team of 32 people from San Fransisco to Boston, more than 4,000 miles.

Columbus Dispatch

Denison's work educating students is part of a strategy to create jobs that anchor the lives of people and communities in Columbus.

Columbus Alive

Joey Aich (Denison's Joey Holbert '16) is making music and finding his voice in Columbus.

Education Dive

Denison's strong mentorship is used as the standard to follow in this article about how liberal arts colleges support students.

Textile World

Charlie Ingram '79 has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Eriez


La Femme Dance Festival celebrates choreography by women of Black/African Diaspora/African descent, featuring work by L. Graciella Maiolatesi '16.

Newark Advocate

First in her family to go to college, Prof. Olivia Aguilar developed a love of science and the environment - now she teaches both to her students.

The Spokesman-Review

Houston’s new book “Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country,” is an "elegy to the disappearing wild places on Earth."

The Buffalo News

Henry Durand '70, longtime mentor and an inspiration to underrepresented students at the University of Buffalo, dies at age 70.

Pacific Standard

Prof. Jack Shuler writes about 5 groups successfully fighting addiction in Newark, Ohio, that could serve as a model for others around the country.

The Alliance Review

Molly Johnson '05 has been appointed Mahoning County Court Judge in northeastern Ohio.

Ohio Magazine

Jazz artist Pete Mills, with members of Columbus Jazz Orchestra, local & national artists present “Songs & Sounds of the Harlem Renaissance.”

Wall Street Journal

Volcanologist and geology prof. Erik Klemetti commented on the processes that unleashed a devastating tsunami in Indonesia.

Hindustan Times

Karan Anshuman's "Inside Edge" is the first Indian show to be nominated for the 2018 International Emmy Awards in the Best Drama category.

Tom Atha's 31 West, a former ballroom in Newark, Ohio has become an up-and-coming venue appreciated by artists and audience alike.

Parade Magazine

With three new movies out this fall, Steve Carell '84 has been adding to a rollercoaster of comedies and dramas that few actors could claim.

Capital Gazette

Canaan Gebele '19 has wrapped up a Denison career that smashed the record book, racking up honors for yards, attempts, completions, TD's and more.

SportsBusiness Daily

Bodenheimer '80 didn't change when he was named ESPN president. “Just because I had become president didn’t mean I became a lot smarter overnight”


Kelly Maryanski '10 is an artist, actor, dancer, and aerialist. She's personalizing events and soirees with her own brand of portraits.

Columbus Dispatch

Studio art major and Big Red swimmer, Tom Richner '97 has made a successful career in the field of animation - he has rejoined "The Simpsons."

Fresh off their NCAC Conferenceship champion announcement, the Big Red gets ready to battle Mt. Union in the playoffs.

Newark Advocate

Big Red football clinches the program's first North Coast Athletic Conference football championship in 32 years and heads to the playoffs.

Newark Advocate

Emeritus President Dale Knobel and his wife Tina will present at the Granville Historical Society about the history of Monomoy House.

CBS Good Morning

Actor Steve Carell '84 will star with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in a new TV show by Apple TV about a morning talk show.

Columbus Dispatch

Denison University students live and learn in Newark, working with local nonprofits to fight poverty.

60 Minutes

The 40-year-old unsolved case of the Golden State Killer was unlocked, thanks to the work of Curtis Rogers '60, who runs a DNA matching site.

Columbus Dispatch

Sara Abou Rashed '21 opens her one-woman performance of "A Map of Myself" in Columbus.

Columbus Alive

The Columbus community previewed "A Map of Myself," a one-woman performance by Sara Abou Rashed '21, about her short-yet-complex personal history.

Newark Advocate

Data-driven: A data analytics major, Canaan Gebele '19 uses data in the classroom - and as a quarterback, it makes a difference on the field, too.

CBS This Morning

"Atomic Habits," a new book by James Clear '08, explores incremental ways to build powerful habits that help you achieve your goals.

Rohit Malhotra '89, former economics major at Denison, has joined Wilmington Trust in New York City as Senior Private Banker.

Esquire Magazine

In this lengthy interview, actor Steve Carell '84 talks about his family life, his start in acting, and 3 great movies coming out this fall.

Campus Rec Magazine

Denison's Director of Aquatics Chris Crume's program helps his students develop leadership skills they use on the campus and after graduation.

Physic prof. Melanie Lott teaches talk-show hosts the properties of rotational inertia as she demonstrates the physics of balance.

Los Angeles Review of Books

Prof. Peter Grandbois' new book "Kissing the Lobster" approaches the sport of fencing as a metaphor for life.

Tryon Daily Bulletin

Environmental studies major and geosciences minor, Max Howes '17 has been named as Conserving Carolina’s volunteer coordinator.

Newark Advocate

Denison's 6,750 panel solar farm will be included in a licking county "green energy" tour.


Columbus continues to get rave reviews as a great place to live and work, with collaborations that open doors and break down silos.

Newark Advocate

Adam Weinberg recalls his life before Denison, shares one of our greatest challenges — and a fact he wishes more people knew about the college.

Newark Advocate

Prof. Tom Bressoud is writing a new book about "data aptitude" across fields like biology, sociology, economics, and political science.

Newark Advocate

Ass't Prof. Kristina Steiner is a lifespan developmental psychologist with a focus on the development of people from infancy to older adults.


Jack Stoddard '92 has been named COO of a new health care venture between Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase, led by Dr. Atul Gawande.

Newark Advocate

The Vail Series opens with a U.S. premiere — Pablo Ziegler — and adds a night of jazz, a tribute to Leonard Bernstein, and a farewell to ETHEL.

Idaho Mountain Express

Artistic Director for the Sun Valley for the Arts in Ketchum, Idaho, Kristin Poole has been awarded the Governor’s Award for the Arts.

Eyewitness News

With 35 movies to her credit, including "Juno," Dallas Buyers Club," and "Love, Simon," Jennifer Garner '94 has earned her Walk of Fame star.


Pres. Weinberg is quoted on how to get the most out of college: "Push yourself to try new things... be open to reinventing yourself a little."