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We create memorable moments.

At college, you are always learning — in the classroom, in athletics, arts, and clubs, and even in your dining halls and rooms. You’ll have late-night conversations, build friendships, and gain an understanding of what the world looks like from another point of view.

Residential communities are a laboratory for life. Fun and interesting residential spaces anchor an education for the whole person. These are places where you feel valued and respected, and a sense of ownership and investment in what happens here.

What’s important to us as a community:

Residential Communities are focused on the cultivation of community in residence halls, with leadership development, civic engagement, creative problem solving and the embrace of diversity as core values.

Students and Residential Communities staff work to build authentic communities that encompass a wide range of perspectives and needs. You have autonomy and responsibility — as well as support — as we build community together.

Denison University’s programs, offerings, events and arrangements are subject to change in the event of exigent circumstances, including the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

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Doane Administration - 102
For keys & IDs, housing selections, room changes

Curtis West Hall - Community Center
For programming in leadership development, civic engagement and creative problem-solving

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