Built in 1925, Sawyer Hall is a residential community with single, double, and suite-style rooms on East Quad.
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Use Student Housing
Established 1925
Designer/Architect Arnold Brunner
Style Details Academic Georgian style
Charles Sawyer, to whom the building was dedicated, was related to one of Denison's founders.

More about Sawyer Hall

Named for Charles Sawyer, founder of the Granville Female Seminary of 1832, which would become part of Shepardson College and later Denison. Sawyer also served as trustee to the Granville Literary and Theological Institution (later Denison) from 1831 to 1837. The design of the building is of an Academic Georgian style and was built by Arnold Brunner. Crawford was originally the second of two uphill dorms for women, but today it houses 91 upper-class students in double units and suites.

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