Built in 1953, East Hall is a residential community with single, double, triple, and quad rooms located on East Quad.
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Use Student Housing
Established 1953
Style Details Built as a near replica of Shaw Hall, which stands directly opposite.

More about East Hall

A near replica of Shaw Hall, which stands opposite this hall on the east residential quad, East Hall was designed by William Gehron and built in 1953 in the Academic Georgian style as a women's residence hall. It stands on the land given to the college by Colonel Edward A. Deeds, class of 1897, and was originally named Deeds Hall in memory of Edith Walton Deeds, the Colonel's wife and mother of the donor, her son Charles. The hall was renamed at the request of the family when the University decided to make the hall coed. Today it houses men and women in substance-free single, double, triple and quad units

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