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Peering into black holes

Physics major Jaelyn Roth’s research helps astrophysicists see supermassive black holes and their related phenomenon more clearly.

A history lesson all his own

With help from history professor Megan Threlkeld, Carter Patton ’23 tapped his family past for an inventive senior project on World War II.

Organic Matters

Heaven Wade ‘21 always knew she wanted to go into the medical field to help people — but she is “not a fan of blood,” so she focused on research.

Multiple Realities

Quantum enthusiast Rahul Shrestha ’21 is many things at once: student, teacher, researcher, yearbook editor & designer, and international student.

A 'DESIREE' for Beamtime

A summer project in Sweden at the DESIREE facility is just one highlight of physics major Sarah Spielman’s research into negative ions.

Imaging a galaxy far far away

If you're a fan of 'Star Wars,' Prof. Dan Homan can talk to you about a real-life galaxy that has a 'TIE' to the blockbuster movie series.

Could Teleporting Ever Work?

Physics Prof Steven Olmschenk on a topic Star Trek fans relish: Teleportation, saying 'It would be very, very hard...and perhaps very messy.'


A physic(al) path to engineering

Bebe Wang ‘20 was awarded a $10,000 NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship. Here’s how the physics major and champion swimmer combined his loves at Denison.

Prof. Paul Djupe looks at bias in publishing

Assoc. Prof. Paul Djupe explores bias in academic publishing, asking the question: Have men and women achieved parity in publishing academic work?

Washington Post

Lily Gross '19, fixing the food system

Change-maker Lily Gross '19 is working with Bon Appetit, creating positive change by educating consumers and supporting more sustainable products.

Bon Appetit Management

Student Research Wins Recognition

Allison Koneczny’s research won the award for the best undergraduate empirical research at the Ohio Psychologists Association conference.

Conquering ‘The Glitch’

Summer research by Sihan Cai ’20 is moving technology one step closer to an error-free future.

Documenting Lives in Rwanda

Alex Lopez '19 has been filming in Rwanda over the past two summers, telling the story of a young man with HIV.

Guiding Student Service and Leadership

With a doctoral degree now under his belt, Matthew Vetter aims to better the Denison community through the implementation of his PhD research.

Materials (Chemistry, that is) Girl

Maddie Van Winkle ’18 spun her love of materials chemistry into a paper published in an esteemed science journal — & an NSF post-graduate fellowship

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