Greta Leissa ’21: A Summer Internship at Yale

Biology Career Center
August 27, 2019

An internship at Yale Medical School fulfilled a long-held dream for biology major Greta Leissa ‘21. Thanks to a stipend from the Knowlton Center, which paid for her food and housing, Leissa as able to take advantage of a prestigious opportunity in New Haven. Over the summer of 2019, she conducted experiments, analyzed the latest research in her field, and connected with a new network of people.

More about internships at Denison:

Hundreds of students at Denison have terrific summer internships that expand their knowledge and network in the fields of their choice. The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration offers a wide array of internships listed in Handshake, and the staff gives students the training and knowledge to find other exciting internship possibilities.

Students get a structured learning experience— and the opportunity to earn an academic transcription notation — as they explore career fields and apply academic coursework to the workplace. Denison gives students support before, during, and after the internship.

The Knowlton staff works with students to set internship goals at the start — what they want to learn, achieve, and contribute. The internship program is a three-tiered partnership between students, employers, and the Knowlton Center. Mid-way through the internship, students review progress towards those goals and near the end of the term, they go through a self-evaluation and reflection process.

Many students want to participate in no- or low-pay internships that are especially important to their chosen career area. The Knowlton Center offers generous stipends so that every student can take part in a life-changing internship experience, regardless of their economic background.

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