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Peering into black holes

Physics major Jaelyn Roth’s research helps astrophysicists see supermassive black holes and their related phenomenon more clearly.

Organic Matters

Heaven Wade ‘21 always knew she wanted to go into the medical field to help people — but she is “not a fan of blood,” so she focused on research.

Multiple Realities

Quantum enthusiast Rahul Shrestha ’21 is many things at once: student, teacher, researcher, yearbook editor & designer, and international student.

Imaging a galaxy far far away

If you're a fan of 'Star Wars,' Prof. Dan Homan can talk to you about a real-life galaxy that has a 'TIE' to the blockbuster movie series.

Play Ball Better

A physics lab figures out the mechanics of throwing a baseball.

Student Research Wins Recognition

Allison Koneczny’s research won the award for the best undergraduate empirical research at the Ohio Psychologists Association conference.

Conquering ‘The Glitch’

Summer research by Sihan Cai ’20 is moving technology one step closer to an error-free future.

World Traveler, Psychological Scientist

Emily Dean '15 will combine her interest in psychology, desire to help others, and passion for Spanish language & culture in her graduate studies.

Cool physics

Nobel laureate in physics, William Phillips, brings his research and considerable enthusiasm to Denison.

Swarm intelligence

A computer science major learns about artificial intelligence.

Summers are anything but quiet

While the classrooms of Ebaugh Laboratories are quiet each summer, research labs are buzzing with faculty-student collaboration on original research.

The Art of Biology

These beautifully detailed drawings of nine different birds look like a project for an art class, but this work of art was created for a biology class.

She has science writing on the BRAIN

Lyric Jorgenson '00 fell in love with neuroscience, and now she's staff lead for the BRAIN Initiative at the National Institutes of Health

Lara Ellinger ’05

Lara Ellinger '05 is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy.

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