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Students Win National Science Foundation Post-graduate Fellowships

Chemistry & Biochemistry Fellowships & Student Research Physics Provost's Office
April 9, 2018

Denison University announces that the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded graduate research fellowships to two Denison students, Patrick Banner for physics and astronomy and Madeline Van Winkle for chemistry. The NSF recruits high-potential, early-career scientists and engineers and supports their graduate research training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Maddie and Patrick’s hard work and talent have been recognized by the National Science Foundation,” said Denison University President Adam Weinberg. “Their experience, working alongside knowledgeable faculty on cutting-edge research projects, is something that happens every day here at Denison. Maddie and Patrick are exceptional students who have made the most of these great opportunities. I am so proud of them and look forward to following their accomplishments in the future.”

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program will provide three years of financial support for Banner and Van Winkle’s graduate educations.

“The NSF funding means much more than simply covering graduate school tuition,” said Margot Singer, director of the Lisska Center for Scholarly Research. “It gives Maddie and Patrick the opportunity to focus solely on their studies, and the flexibility to pursue the research they are drawn to. This is a wonderful recognition of their extraordinary talents and abilities.”

Next year Van Winkle will attend University of California at Berkeley to study materials chemistry. Banner currently is in the process of choosing the university where he will study quantum information and quantum optics.

Why are liberal arts colleges great places for college students to gain the knowledge and experience they need to be awarded post-graduate fellowships and scholarships like NSF and Fulbright?

Private liberal arts colleges, like Denison, offer learning that is individualized to each student. Students work on research and contribute to knowledge bases across the academic disciplines, closely mentored by faculty who are highly regarded in their fields. They have an abundance of opportunities to participate in classrooms and labs, on stages, in studios and on athletic fields, as they gather the know-how and experience they need to compete for, and win, top honors against students from institutions across the nation.

Denison University unlocks the potential of our students to be architects of their own lives. Our college is built on a foundation of academic prestige and lasting relationships. We create pathways for our students to quickly make friends and find mentors. We help them figure out what kind of lives they want to lead and develop the skills, values, habits, networks, and experiences to launch into professions so they can build those lives. As Denison continues to build upon its strengths, our focus is on deepening mentorship; expanding the liberal arts curriculum; reinventing the career exploration process; and leveraging our close proximity to Columbus, one of the nation's best cities for the arts, internships, and entrepreneurship.

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