Archit Agarwal ‘17 is a reputation architect with marketing start-up, The Mavericks. He leads a digital design team of 15 across a variety of accounts and spends his days working with clients, brainstorming, and focusing on building strategies for new businesses. Archit also is passionate about food, photography, and travel, and he blogs about these passions at

I work with 15 people and work across 18 accounts ranging … from the education space to the development space, as well as B2B technologies.

Denison teaches you how to learn. And that’s super valuable and has really accelerated my growth in the industry I’m in. I’m 26 years old and I lead a team of 15 people, that is definitely unheard of, specifically in the Indian ecosystem.

A big part of my job is to work continuously towards building comms strategies not only for existing clients, but for new businesses coming into us as well.

One of my favorite accounts to work on is the Micheal and Susan Dell Foundation. We build infographics, we create audio/visual and video content. We also do a lot of long-form content. We’re doing some really interesting storytelling.

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