The Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement serves as a funding hub for student research and travel for academic enhancement purposes, such as making a presentation at an academic conference, attending a workshop, or accompanying a professor on a research trip. We also provide funds to faculty members looking to take students on a class field trip.

We are committed to helping all students take advantage of valuable opportunities, regardless of financial need. Grants are made on a rolling basis by the Lisska Center staff. The Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement administers three funds:

Undergraduate Research Fund

The Undergraduate Research Fund provides grants of up to $500/student for academic-year and senior research projects.

Student Academic Travel Fund

The Student Academic Travel Fund provides grants of up to $750/student to cover expenses for students presenting a paper or poster at an academic conference

Academic Enhancement Fund

Academic Enhancement Funding supports individuals or small groups of students wishing to travel for an academic purpose not associated with a regular semester course or study abroad program. These opportunities enhance a student’s academic experience, build on their coursework, and prepare them for a possible career within an academic context. If approved, students can receive up to $750 in grant funding for one experience, and up to $1,000 total over the course of their four years at Denison.


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