Explore careers with your peers

Take advantage of career-specific opportunities, tools, and resources. Receive personalized information based on your interests and goals, including industry-specific news and information, career-focused spotlights, internship and job postings, skill-building opportunities, and more. Coaches with special insight and training lead each community.

Career communities to explore

Exploration Community

Answer questions that will move you towards the life you want to lead. Career exploration is the process of learning about yourself, about career options, and planning for the life you imagine after Denison. Narrow your career focus by reflecting on what fulfills you. Then create a career plan that leverage your academics and co-curriculars to build the skills and connections for your successful career launch.

Financial Services, Consulting & Business

Explore functional roles and career paths in these fast-paced careers across a variety of industries. Leverage your Denison education to acquire the ability to think creatively, to solve problems quickly, to communicate effectively with clients both internally and externally, and more. These careers offer opportunities for upward mobility and expectations of employees to exceed goals and perform at a high level.

Healthcare & Clinical Research

Focus on the science of healing as you explore healthcare pathways for both humans and animals, including pre-med, pre-vet and other pre-professional tracks. Research treatment, and prevention of physical and mental illness on a local and global scale.

Marketing, Sales & Communication

Leverage your Denison education to acquire the skills needed to help organizations understand and communicate with their customers and clients. These careers are open in every industry, organization, and location, and they support every product.

Nonprofit, Education & Government

Achieve individual, local, and global impact as thought leaders, policy-makers or educators. A vast array of nonprofit, education, and government organizations range from small local organizations to billion-dollar global enterprises, employing professionals from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines.

Technology, Data & Science

Expertise in physical and life sciences, engineering, computer science, information technology, and mathematics leads to exciting careers across businesses and industries. Learn to leverage your academic and co-curricular path and connect with career resources, alums, and employers.

Visual, Written & Performing Arts

Imagine, innovate, and inspire a creative and artistic life. Learn how to build a path to exciting, often unconventional careers. Industry resources, 1:1 coaching, networking opportunities, and workshops help you explore and launch your career as a performer, novelist, journalist, editor, designer, producer, filmmaker — or design your own completely new career.

Identity & Affinity Communities

Pursue your career goals in a community of your peers. Connect with one or more affinity or identity communities and get 1:1 coaching. You don’t have to go at it alone!

First Generation | International | LGBTQIA+ | Black, Indigenous & People of Color | Athletes | Women | (In)Visible Disabilities