Career Communities

What is a career community?

Career communities are spaces for students who are interested in similar fields to gather and take advantage of career-specific opportunities, tools, and resources. Career coaches with special insight and training lead each community.

When you join a career community you’ll receive personalized information based on your interests and goals, like industry-specific news and information, career-focused spotlights, internship and job postings, skill-building opportunities, and more.

Denison Career Communities are formed around broad themes, such as arts, finance, and healthcare. They often overlap majors, industries, and job functions, which means the knowledge and skills you develop are transferrable to many career paths.

You are encouraged to join in one - or more - communities. Often career communities cover career paths that aren’t indicated in their name. Talk to your career counselor about your interests and they will advise you on the best community to join.

Denison’s seven career communities

Identity & Affinity Communities

Pursue your career goals in a community of your peers. Identity and affinity communities are for people who are passionate about the career challenges and opportunities that impact the group. You may connect with one or more affinity or identity communities. Denison encourages to explore multiple communities.

Denison’s Identity & Affinity Communities include:

  • First Generation Student Community
  • International Students
  • LGBTQIA+ Students
  • Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)
  • Student Athletes
  • Women
  • (In)Visible Disabilities

Join A Career Community

Visit the Knowlton Connect platform to join a career community. You can explore and join career communities with your BigRedID and receive information related to your chosen interest(s).


What's Happening

Workshops & Info Sessions

Creative Career Match-up

A career fair for the arts brought together Denison students and creative professionals for an energizing and informative evening.


A race to win

Students competed in a race sponsored by Penske Corporation. The goal: Create the best pitch.

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