Our mission is to support research and scholarship, to foster intellectual community and academic enrichment among all Denisonians, and to provide an interdisciplinary space for the open exchange of ideas, perspectives, and arguments.

The Lisska Center serves as a hub for mentorship, programming, funding, advocacy, and leadership related to intellectual and scholarly pursuits for students, faculty, and alumni. The center helps those applying for national and international fellowships and scholarships; coordinates Denison’s Summer Scholars program; provides funding for student research and travel; oversees the Denison Scholar-Leader Programs for high-achieving students; and sponsors various multidisciplinary programs and events, among other programs.


In 2016, Denison University rededicated the Gilpatrick Center for Fellowships and Student Research as the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement. The center was named in honor of philosophy professor Anthony Lisska. The renaming aimed to reinvigorate the center and make it a focal point for intellectual and scholarly life on campus.

In 2021, the name was revised slightly to become the Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement, further emphasizing the significance of a vibrant intellectual community across all generations of Denisonians.

Engage your intellect at Denison’s campus hub for funded research, national and international fellowships and awards, and programs that expand your thinking.