Creative problem-solvers, innovators, and entrepreneurs gather for [RE]MIX, an entrepreneurship summit for Denison, by Denison.

[RE]MIX is created and led by Denisonians, designed to help alumni and students in their journey to learn, grow, and achieve great things. They re-connect, re-imagine, and re-fuel as they discover new ideas, learn from their peers and celebrate the Denison entrepreneurial vibe.

Creators, visionaries, and thought leaders from across fields and industries provide the foundation. Interactive sessions and workshops build on that framework.

The Impact of ReMix

ReMix leads to great outcomes for attendees. You’ll gain:

  • New and enlarged networks and mentors
  • Specific knowledge — on topics like private equity and startups
  • An opportunity to reflect on your business’s direction, the headspace to determine next steps, empowering you to drive your company forward.


Because of ReMix, I am bursting with new energy and ideas for my company. I also have so many new entrepreneur friends who I feel I could reach out to at any time.

First of all, everything was so thoughtful and well organized. Very easy. The opening night was really fantastic, I’ve never been part of such intimate engagement and my table did not even have anybody cry! It was great to get to know people and to hear of how engaged others were at their tables. Thursday was intense, had me paying attention and engaged to the point where my brain was tired. Lots of really open, thoughtful discussions.

I absolutely loved this event and it fully renewed/rekindled my love for Denison and my liberal arts background. This Remix was exactly what I expect and look for in Denison quality and content. I am so proud to be a Denisonian and am really looking forward to engaging more moving forward. A million “thank you”s wouldn’t quite do it here. I am so grateful for the ReMix experience. I’ve already recruited others to attend next year!

I am a senior and aspiring entrepreneur and this was literally the best thing I could’ve asked for. I am amazed by Denison and by the strength of the alumni. The networking was incredible, so were the speeches. I am proud to be a Denisonian and grateful I got to attend.