The Lisska Center promotes a culture of faculty scholarship and supports and recognizes faculty in their role as scholars. We encourage faculty members to apply for external (non-Denison) fellowships and residencies. The Lisska Center also coordinates the Research Tables program, which provides internal funding for interdisciplinary faculty learning communities. In addition, we celebrate faculty scholarship and engagement through faculty research events and the Minds Wide Open series.

Course Enrichment Fund

The Course Enrichment Fund (formerly called the Academic Enhancement Fund), provides grants of up to $500/course to faculty members looking to supplement a regular semester course with a field trip or similar activity.

Internal (Denison-funded) faculty fellowships

Internal (Denison-funded) faculty fellowships, including pre-tenure, Robert C. Good, and William G. Bowen awards, Denison University Research Foundation (DURF) grants, and other professional development grants are handled by the Office of the Provost.

External (non-Denison) fellowships and residencies

We are available to help faculty members seeking information and applying for external (non-Denison) fellowships and residencies. These competitive opportunities can fund research, help underwrite a publication or a body of artwork, or provide a quiet space to write while on sabbatical.

For more information on external fellowships and residencies or to inquire whether your proposal requires approval, please contact:


⇒ Use your Big Red ID to access more information on grant writing. Visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » Office of the Provost» Grant Writing Toolbox

Please note: You’ll find that the Grant Advisor also provides listings of federal and foundation grants for individual scholarship and institutional programs. These opportunities include science and humanities research funding, as well as support for student researchers. The difference between this funding and fellowships/residencies is that grant money goes to Denison to then disburse to faculty, whereas fellowship and residency funds usually are distributed directly to faculty members. Denison’s foundation and corporate relations director, Meg Galipault, manages this area of faculty scholarship, assisting in writing, budgeting and submitting proposals, most of which require approval by the Controller’s and Provost’s offices.