The Journey Program is an immersive career exploration experience designed to engage students early in the important work of self-reflection and career planning. Our experienced facilitators skillfully guide students throughout the program, helping them gain career clarity and confidence to embrace their future with excitement, possibility, and promise.

Designed for Denison students, this program draws inspiration from renowned career exploration expert Dr. Katherine Brooks, author of You Majored in What?, and the work of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, authors of the New York Times best-selling book Designing Your Life.

The program is divided into four 90-minute sections: Reflect, Imagine, Plan, and Build, each progressively building upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the prior sessions. A workbook is provided to students, serving as a valuable companion encompassing all the activities and resources they need throughout the program and beyond. The experience is customized based on format (virtual, in-person, in-class) and length and includes the following elements:


Students prepare for the experience by completing online assessments and asking friends and family for feedback about their areas of strength.

Session 1: Reflect

Students reflect on past experiences to discover their strengths, unique skills, and curiosities.

Session 2: Imagine

Students look forward to the future and imagine all the possibilities and pathways they could take.

Session 3: Plan

Students create a personalized roadmap to develop skills, networks, and experiences.

Session 4: Build

Students leverage the tools, resources, and opportunities available to continue to adjust and refine their career plans.

Students will leave the experience with

  • Focus 2 Assessment results (skills, personality, value, work interests)
  • Defined preferences (intellectual, social, physical, lifestyle)
  • Challenges identified
  • 10 possible career pathways identified
  • Research on three career pathways
  • An overview of tools and resources
  • Foundations of resumes, cover letters, and networking
  • Outreach to at least three alumni
  • A plan to leverage their break periods
  • A workbook with all activities and notes
  • A 30-day check-in planned with a coach
  • A cohort of peers to stay motivated
  • Relationships with Knowlton Center Staff