Value-added Internships

The value of your internship experience increases when you add intentionality. Set goals and get support and resources, from pre-internship orientation through post-internship reflection. Upskill your internship and empower your career exploration journey.

Earn Academic Notation

Earn academic transcript notation for your internship experience while you apply your academic knowledge in the workplace. A partnership between you, employers, and the Knowlton Center establishes requirements, such as post-internship reflection, that increase the value of your internship. You earn academic transcript notation once the requirements are fulfilled and approved.


At Denison, financial need doesn’t get in the way of a terrific internship. If your preferred internship is unpaid or low-paid, you can apply for a stipend as part of the Denison Internship Program. Your stipend will supplement your compensation up to an eligibility amount*.

*Each student’s stipend eligibility amount is dependent on financial need level as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. This ensures we support as many students as possible.

Knowlton Center Internship Partners

Our Internship Partners are trusted organizations we have collaborated with to create opportunities that include some level of funding.

Summer on the Cuyahoga (Cleveland)

Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC) is a unique summer internship program open to students who are rising juniors and seniors and recent graduates. The program brings together 50 - 70 students for an intensive summer immersion program designed to help interns explore the professional, civic and social offerings of the Cleveland area. SOTC offers students challenging internships, community introductions, alumni connections, and free group housing.

CLIMB (Denver)

Colorado Leaders, Interns and Mentors in Business (CLIMB) Internship Program is a 10-week summer program in Denver, designed exclusively for Denison, Middlebury, Yale, Northwestern, Wesleyan, Brown, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford undergraduates. CLIMB identifies paid, meaningful internships across all industries and non-profit organizations. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and hiring can occur once the right candidate is found, so apply as soon as you know you want to pursue this opportunity.

Global Internship Experience

Go abroad for your internship! Our partnership with Denison’s Global Commerce Department and the Academic Internship Council ensures that your experience is customized. Safety, housing, visa processing, and other logistical components of the experience are handled by AIC staff in your selected city.

Shadow a Hero

Job shadowing is a fantastic opportunity to follow a professional around their workplace for a day or two. Gain insight into a specific occupation, career path or industry while you learn and build your network.