Lily Carroll ‘22, a double major in English and religion, leapt at an opportunity to hone her skills by working with award-winning authors as she interned with Story Magazine in the summer of 2021.

Denison’s literary magazine, Exile, gave Carroll an opportunity to gain practical knowledge as an editor during her sophomore year. “I had very little experience beforehand, but spending a semester working on the magazine awakened something within me that I wanted to explore,” she says.

In partnership with her fellow Editor-In-Chief, Carroll reads through submissions, decides what to accept, and formats the magazine. “We release a 50-75 page magazine of only student work every year.”

“The continuation of Exile during my junior year only deepened my passion for working with literary magazines, and when I began to intern for Story, I realized this is definitely something I want to continue to do throughout my life.” Carroll has continued her work with Story during her fall semester.

In addition to her work with Exile, Carroll has a small online business creating and selling embroidered clothing and tote bags. She also plays guitar, and each semester, she sets a goal of at least five non-academic books to read.

“After graduation, I plan on taking a gap year and then continue my graduate studies, hopefully attaining a Ph.D. in English Literature.”

November 23, 2021