Why study English at Denison?

Most people know that a degree in English teaches critical reading and writing skills. But studying and writing literature also cultivates a wide variety of skills that employers value because they are not easy to learn in the workplace. In our rapidly evolving world, college is not a place to learn a trade that may become obsolete; it is an opportunity to grow as a human being and develop a variety of attributes that are transferable and adaptable to personal, professional, and civic life.

English majors at Denison choose an emphasis either in literary studies or in creative writing. We offer a diverse variety of courses that engage with human experience, recent and historical as well as local and global. Here are some examples of skills English majors at Denison learn:

What Do English Majors Do After Denison?

Don’t let the myth of the unemployed English major deter you from studying what you love. English majors are as employable as other other college majors. Over the course of their working lives, humanities graduates earn as much as STEM graduates.

A Denison education presents you with the precious opportunity to spend four years enriching your emotional and intellectual life in addition to preparing you for the working world. And remember, throughout your life you’ll be sharing your story with employers, clients, and friends. As an English major, storytelling can be your particular super power.

The English department has built partnerships with organizations to provide internships to English and journalism students, and works with Denison’s Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration to help students understand how the experiences they have in the major translate into valuable skills for the workplace.