1831 Senior Leadership Award

This award is given each year to senior standing students who have shown dedication, passion, and immense effort toward the improvement of student life throughout their tenure on The Hill.

  • Kiara Ansley-Hinds
  • Mya Banek
  • Nikki Barnas
  • Caliyah Bennett
  • Cara Bodary
  • Jacob Brown
  • Tahkeese Brown
  • Torria Catrone
  • Catlin Cornish
  • Cassidy Crane
  • Jake DiMantova
  • Maddie Fenton
  • Mallory Hallwrith
  • Brook Heller
  • Kate Hinshaw
  • Alana King
  • Jakob Lucas
  • Phoebe Martin
  • John Mendez
  • Jonathan Nhan
  • Jack Nimesheim
  • Sydney Orrison
  • Alex Pan
  • Ellie Reiser
  • Mikey Rose
  • Raina Runk
  • Evan Snively
  • Jimmy Stines
  • Jenavier Tejada
  • Taylor Trimble
  • Samual Zewde

Big Red Innovation Award

This award is presented to one student or campus organization who embraces the hallmarks of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative problem-solving.

  • Jorden Anfinson

Wellness Champion Award

In honor of Denison’s commitment to promoting a culture of wellness, we recognize the student organization or individual student who has made a significant contribution to wellness on campus.

  • Talia Raider-Roth
  • Taylor Trimble

Resident of the Year

The Resident of the Year Award is awarded to students who are an outstanding member of their residential community by embodying the Residential Communities & Housing values of personal growth, diverse perspectives and belonging.

  • Norah Carter

Student Employees of the Year

As part of the university’s continuing effort to encourage and reward exemplary student employees, we recognize and honor students who have demonstrated outstanding performance by contributing their time and/or skill to help the university achieve its goals and objectives.

We recognize student employees who represent each of these values:

  • Outstanding Community Service in Student Employment: Augus Wang
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Student Employment: Keesha Joseph
  • Innovation & Technology in Student Employment: Krystal Ly
  • Outstanding Critical Thinking in Student Employment: Annie Hoag
  • Outstanding Leadership in Student Employment: Minh Tran
  • Overall Student Employee of the Year: Minh Tran

Campus Engagement Awards

Campus Organization Advisor of the Year

  • Emily Vermillion, advisor of DU Votes and the Denison Community Service Association

Campus Organization Program of the Year

  • DCSA Saturday Service

Campus Organization of the Year

  • Black Student Union

Distinguished Service Award

  • Gracie Cates
  • Viola Day
  • Isabelle Decombaz
  • Nadeem Jones
  • Anna Keller
  • Taylor Trimble

Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards

Advisor of the Year

  • Quintanna Gest, advisor for Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

Member of the Year

  • Olivia Brenner, member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority.

Chapter of the Year

  • Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

Big IDEA Awards

2023 IDEA Program or Series of the Year

  • BLASS Week presented by Black, Latinx, Asian Science Society (BLASS)

2023 Educational Event of the Year

  • The Black Muslim Refugee Lecture presented by The Muslim Student Association and African and Caribbean Student Association 

2023 IDEA Event of the Year

  • Diwali presented by Denison International Student Association (DISA)

2023 IDEA Person of the Year

  • Taylor Trimble, Chief Minister for the Black Student Union 

2023 IDEA Campus Organization of the Year

  • The Black Student Union
April 1, 2024