Sara Lichtenberg ‘20 is an associate with Christensen Global, a boutique sustainability firm in Ketchum, Idaho. She works with a handful of early-stage companies on initiatives — from cultivating meat, to fin-tech climate investment platforms, to hemp building materials. And she works with corporations on projects that support their strategic sustainability initiatives like advising clients throughout the climate talks at COP26, an international climate conference.

I start off the day catching up emails and having coffee. Working on the climate, it’s important to stay up on sustainability news from lots of different resources. I field client calls throughout the day.

I love working with companies from a variety of sectors. This gives me opportunities to expand my knowledge base on a subject that ultimately relates to everything — the environment.

Something I learned from sustainable design is the importance of taking breaks and changing our environment. Recently I implemented a ski hour once a week at work - we’re just 5 minutes away from the mountain. It’s great for mental and physical health and a reminder of the environment and physical world we are helping preserve.

I do communications, graphic design work and just take on whatever comes. I’m so grateful to have a background in design thinking from the Red Frame Lab — it’s so useful to be comfortable spending time in ideation before jumping to solutions.

This cross-sector work that requires different skills and strategic thinking feels really natural to me coming from Denison and my environmental studies program that relied on synthesizing information from different subjects, interconnectivity, and systems thinking.

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