At Denison, entrepreneurship is a mindset. Cross-functional life and professional skills position our students to be innovative, resourceful and driven to create change and value — here on campus and beyond.

At the Red Frame Lab, students explore and develop their entrepreneurial skills, engage with visiting entrepreneurs, and come to talks on business and design fundamentals. They take part in immersive workshops, startup weekend programs, pitch competitions, alumni entrepreneur summits and one-on-one coaching, plus more.

Design Thinking

See your project in a new light — and get better results — with design thinking. You’ll think of fifty creative solutions, capture audience/client insights, and try simple, cheap, and fast prototypes for feedback. Amazing things will happen. Design thinking gives you the tools to find innovative solutions to the questions you’re asking.

The basic steps of design thinking at Denison:

  • Listen
  • Reframe
  • Imagine
  • Prototype
  • Inspire

Start anywhere in the process, get target audience insights — and prototype new versions on your way to success. Bring your curiosity and your experience, design-thinking facilitates the process. Unlock solutions. Turn your passion into action.

Use design thinking to create, improve, and explore classroom assignments, questions on campus, and your own entrepreneurial projects. A short list of Red Frame success stories:

  • Designed a new student organization
  • Provided student input to new campus buildings
  • Raised awareness of important issues

Drop in any time. Send an email and make an appointment. We’ll meet with you or your group when you’re available — including evenings and weekends. We have fun with this process, so your group will have a great time. If your project is just an idea or almost finished, we can help. If your project involves people, design thinking may help you reframe your project and get better results. When you’re ready to reframe it, come over to the lab and RedFrame it.

The Lab

Red Frame is a flexible space with two breakout rooms. We’re open and available for small group meetings, hanging out, studying or even enjoying a work-free zone. We also have access to a beautiful balcony with tables and seating overlooking A-quad. Red Frame is equipped with a Jamboard, craft and art supplies, a Cricut for t-shirts and sticker design, stress relief games and activities, magazines and books on entrepreneurial and design thinking topics — and candy on a pretty regular basis.

Find us on the second floor of the Slayter Student Union, directly across from the mailroom. You are welcome at any time. Come on in and make yourself at home!

Past Red Frame Lab Speakers

Entrepreneurs, founders, designers, and innovators who have spoken in Red Frame Lab:

  • Robert Abbott, Denison’s Entrepreneur in Residence: “Bringing a Startup to Life”
  • Dennis and Denise Blankemeyer, Founders of Crow Works: “Local Passion”
  • Claire Coder, Founder of Aunt Flow Claire Coder, Founder of Aunt Flow
  • Katy Crossley-Frolick, Denison Professor: “Wicked Problems”
  • Don Halpern, Founder of Loctote: “Swimming with the Sharks”
  • David Howitt ‘90, Founder & CEO, Meriwether Group
  • Antionette Kerr, Co-Founder Bold and Bright Media: “Never Edit Your Soul”
  • Clara Kridler, VP of People Root Insurance
  • Ryan McManus, Founder of Share: “From Ideation to Launch”
  • Kerry Shea Penland, Founder of All’asta and Whole Living Recovery: “She Started It”
  • Trisha Pound, Founder of Newark Ohio Pride Coalition
  • Mackenzie Shaw, McDougald Research: “UX Design Tips”
  • Olivier Tarpaga, Visiting Artist: “Entrepreneurship and Art”
  • Michael White and Eli Wallace, Co-Founders of Life Watch
  • Chris Wolfington ‘90, Entrepreneurial Executive: “Drama Triangles”