This team of students has a special mission to take on projects to make a positive impact on our campus.

Questions RED Corps has tackled

  • How might the Housing Master Plan meet the needs of today’s students?
  • How might we create physical spaces within residence halls that foster community and create a sense of belonging?
  • How might we create a sense of community and identity within each of our residential quads?
  • How might we design the social space within Silverstein Hall to meet the needs of Denison seniors?
  • What sorts of retail options are needed on campus?
  • How might we design the new wellness center to promote the holistic wellness of students? What do students want the indoor spaces to look like? What sorts of wellness “amenities” do students prioritize within the new center?
  • How do students learn about events going on across campus? What methods are most successful?
  • What are short-term and long-term solutions to campus parking?
  • How might we improve student nutrition, sleep, and exercise habits?
  • How might we build a sense of social connectedness?
  • What is this “culture of busyness,” and how might we positively impact it?

The Process

The RED (Research, Engagement & Design) Corps Fellows look at campus challenges through the design-thinking process.

  • Start with a question
  • Conduct individual interviews, focus groups, and campus conversations.
  • Compile and synthesize the data
  • Report their findings
  • Develop possible solutions or prototypes based on their findings.

As they do this work, the group learns and exercises a variety of skills in research methodology, data analysis, and human-centered design.

The Fellows work especially closely with the Vice President and Assistant Vice President in Student Development, and with the Red Frame Lab, Denison’s Center for design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship.