Three Denison seniors have been honored for their work in the humanities with the Megan Lisska and Elin Lisska Christensen Award. Adam Davis, professor of history and director of the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement notes, “The competition for the 2020 Megan Lisska and Elin Lisska Christensen Award in the Humanities was especially strong this year, and as a result the committee decided to honor three students with this award. These Denison seniors have read widely and thought deeply about the human condition, about what living is for. We are proud to recognize their achievements. Congratulations.”

The students are:

  • Audrey Kirkley, a philosophy major
  • Quinn Mann, a double major in history and classical studies
  • Mishti Mitra, a classical studies major

This Megan Lisska and Elin Lisska Christensen Award is bestowed on a Denison senior who has demonstrated substantive and exemplary study and research in the humanities. The scholarship is a generous gift from Professor of Philosophy Anthony Lisska, who also holds the Maria Theresa Barney Chair.

May 19, 2020