Denison places the faculty/student experience at the center of its liberal arts education and supports and enhances this foundational relationship by providing a variety of seminars, teaching tables, mentorship and other support to help faculty explore and strengthen pedagogy.

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Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Teaching college students is both science and art. So what happens when that balance is upset by a pandemic?

Building Public Speaking Skills

Hannah Bennet ’21 and Mohamed El-Sayed ’20 get great public speaking experience after a course that features a lot of listening.

Kayla Hayes

Better support for LGBTQ athletes

Kayla Hayes supports all Denison athletes as one of only two facilitators in Ohio for NCAA's LGBTQ One Team initiative.

Columbus Dispatch

Play Ball Better

A physics lab figures out the mechanics of throwing a baseball.

Consulting With a Local Museum

Red Frame student designers consulted with The Works museum in Newark to deepen the experience for their patrons.

Summer With Shakespeare

Learning Shakespeare in the land of the Bard of Stratford-on-Avon gave Sarah Wilson ’20 a frame a reference that adds meaning to majors.

Water for Life

A prestigious award helps students expand a clean water program.

Conquering ‘The Glitch’

Summer research by Sihan Cai ’20 is moving technology one step closer to an error-free future.

Revealing the Real Richard III

King Richard III is one of the most talked-about figures in history. Denison students find that the famous monarch may not be who we thought he was.

Nestor Matthews

Psychology Professor Nestor Matthews

Denison Psychology Professor Nestor Matthews specializes in neuroscience and psychophysics - the science behind how we experience physical motion.

Newark Advocate

Better Teachers Make Better Students

Lew Ludwig led an effort to create an instructional-practices guide that is helping math professors teach their students more effectively.

Philanthropy and the classroom

A service-learning program teams dollars and knowledge for college students to serve and learn in their communities.

Once upon a time

Professor Maria Tatar '67 has built a career on the literature of fairy tales.