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Denison announces new endowed faculty professorships

English Modern Languages Religion
May 4, 2017

Denison University recently honored several members of the faculty, naming them to endowed professorships at the college’s annual academic awards convocation that took place on Friday, April 21, in Swasey Chapel. Endowed Faculty Chairs recognize the value Denison places on teaching, scholarship, and community service.  Holders of named and endowed professorships at Denison provide leadership to the faculty and to students through their engagement as model teacher/scholars who have made substantial contributions in service to the college.

“The holders of endowed faculty chairs are guiding lights among our faculty,” said Denison Provost Kim Coplin. “In addition to holding the highest standards of teaching for our students, they are mentors to students as well as their faculty peers and provide leadership across the campus. We esteem them as colleagues and collaborators.”

Newly named holders of endowed faculty chairs include the following:

  • Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Chair of the Modern Languages Department Christine Armstrong, holder of the Beverly Fleischmann Endowed Professorship. Armstrong joined Denison in 1992 and holds a Licence from the University de Franche-Comté; a Master of Arts from Miami University; and a doctorate from Cornell University.
  • Professor of English Kirk Combe, holder of the Viola K. Kleindienst Professorship. Combe joined Denison in 1991 and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College; Master of Arts from Middlebury College; and a D. Phil. from Oxford University.
  • Professor of Religion John E. Cort, holder of the Judy Gentili Chair in International Studies. Cort joined Denison in 1992 and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from University of Wisconsin, as well as an A.M. (Master of Arts) and doctorate from Harvard University.
  • Associate Professor of English Sandra Runzo, holder of the Lorena Woodrow Burke Chair of English. Runzo joined Denison in 1986 and holds a Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University; as well as a Master of Arts and doctorate from Indiana University.
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