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We work to promote a healthy lifestyle for students and the Denison community. And we help you to build habits that will contribute to a healthy life long after you graduate. Ambiguity, challenge and change will be constants across your life, says Denison University President Adam Weinberg.

In his August 2019 welcome letter to students, President Weinberg goes on to say:

“Liberal arts colleges are designed to develop whole people. We are uniquely suited to helping students develop the life habits needed to maintain health, and the emotional agility to manage whatever life throws at you.”

“Life habits are crucial, especially allocating time for relaxation and sleep; committing to nutrition and exercise; and avoiding the traps of technology by putting our phones down, unplugging from social media and spending more face-to-face time with friends. Even if you stay healthy, you will have to manage stresses, disappointments, and even tragedies in your life.”

“Emotional agility refers to a mindset that gives people the resiliency, perseverance, and tools to transform challenges into success. A lot of the mindfulness and wellness programs and resources, we make available, and continue to develop, are focused on helping our students develop and practice emotional agility.”

Learning to “fail forward” is part of developing resiliency and a healthy attitude in life:

“Part of a transformative college experience is learning to see and use stumbles and failure as part of the process of self-discovery, personal development, and eventual achievement,” says President Weinberg.”

He goes on to say:

“Everything is not going to go well all of the time. When things don’t go well, avoid the temptation of believing that everybody else is succeeding in every aspect of their life, while you are not. It’s not true! College is about growing as a person. This happens as you challenge yourself at a high level and in new ways.”

“Failing is a normal, healthy and positive part of doing this well. When things don’t go well, seek our faculty and staff who can help you learn from the experience, participate in some of the programs we are offering across campus on developing good life habits, and be with peers. And most of all, try again.”

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