Mindfulness and other contemplative practices have been shown to reduce stress, increase your ability to focus, and positively affect moods and emotions.

All programs at the Hoaglin Center for Student Wellness are intentionally facilitated by trained professionals, community leaders and student peers, to highlight the contemplative nature of wellness experiences.

Mindful practices include habits that encourage:

  • Stillness and silence (meditation, prayer)
  • Positive emotions (gratitude giving, practicing compassion)
  • Creativity (journaling, music, art)
  • Activism (social justice actions, service work)
  • Relationship building (deep listening, storytelling, playing together, time in nature)
  • Movement (yoga, walking, dance)
  • Ritual practices (retreats, daily prayer)

Mindfulness Programs

No experience is necessary. Come as you are, and leave feeling less anxious, rested, and more centered.

Mindfulness Training Through Koru

Koru is an evidence-based curriculum for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management to college students and other young adults. Students commit to completing all four parts of the series, which repeat each month. 

Urban Zen

Urban Zen classes are a chance to unwind and find RELIEF (rest, ease, levity, integration, energy and focus). This class incorporates modalities of mindful movements, restorative poses, breath awareness, meditation, reiki, and essential oil therapy. Treat yourself to some major downtime.

Daily Meditation

Offered daily in the Wellness Center, regular “Mindful meditation” helps students to focus on the present moment without judgment. Regular practice of mindful meditation helps to alleviate stress and enhance quality of life.

Reduce Insomnia

iRest is a yoga Nidra meditation to reduce insomnia. In this 45-minute class, you will find a comfortable position and be guided through deep relaxation meditations to help soothe anxiety, overcome insomnia and depression, and enhance your overall well-being.

1:1 Mindfulness Coaching

Students can schedule to meet individually with a mindfulness coach who will teach them how to better integrate meditation into their daily routines.

Other campus opportunities

Mindfulness Club

The Denison Mindfulness Club supports student, staff, and faculty well-being through mindful workshops, and contemplative spaces for communities of practice.

Mind & Life Institute

A national organization that partners with Denison to offer wellness and mindfulness workshops for the campus community.

Curated Resources

A curated list of campus-wide mindfulness resources is available at LibGuides.


There are lots of ways to belong at Denison — more than 250 student groups are self-organized around identity, favorite activities, club sports, and more. Find your way to get involved!