Wellness Programs Include:

Participate in programs designed to augment your many dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, environmental, financial, social, and spiritual well-being. Each activity culminates with time for reflection and future planning to embed the information in your personal well-being toolbox.

The Wellness team brings peer-to-peer, hands-on workshops to student groups across campus. Students can request workshops to promote wellness habits specific to their needs.

Physical Wellness

Raising awareness of your body and engaging in skills and good habits helps you feel alert, happy, confident, and energetic.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness encourages you to learn and grow from your experiences and allows you to accept thoughts and feelings.

Financial Wellness

Unbiased financial knowledge empowers financial autonomy and supports your holistic development.


Practicing mindfulness helps you to be fully present, aware, and non-judgmental in everyday life. It can help reduce stress and enhance attention and empathy awareness.

Environmental Wellness

Living in a way that is respectful to nature and your surroundings encourages us to connect with your environment.

Social Wellness

Compassionate relationships within our community create genuine connections and form emotional resilience.

Spiritual Wellness

Feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves, faith, and traditions can support your well-being.

Meet the Wellness Program Team