Social Wellness includes our interactions and relationships with one another. This dimension focuses on building healthy, supportive, and valuable relationships and creating genuine connections with those around us.

Social wellness allows us to create healthy relationships and build a supportive social network. Surrounding ourselves with a positive social network can help increase our self-esteem. Our emotional resilience depends on the strength of our social wellness.

Attain and Maintain Your Social Wellness

Build your social wellness and relationships through many outlets including:

  • Student organizations (Fraternity/Sorority)
  • Club sports and intramurals
  • Indentity-based social groups

College Recess

Each day at lunch, students connect with their inner child through social play. Offerings will include yard games, slacklines, hammocks, board games, cards, puzzles, dogs to pet, and juice boxes. Everyone gets an A in recess!

Destress Fest

Students engage in activities and conversations that offer a break from studying and unwind through fun and relaxation. The Destress Fest activities vary, but typical activities include: conversations about stress relief, chair massages, crafts, games, therapy dogs, Reiki, food, and prizes. Offered each semester prior to midterms and finals.

Equity Dialogues: Health and Wellness

Discuss the experiences, barriers, opportunities, and action items for seeking equitable health and wellness at Denison. Each week a different student population is invited to engage in dialogue. These groups include Black students, Latinx students, international students, sexual minoritized students, gender minoritized students, first generation students, students with disabilities, and student athletes. Facilitated by staff from both the Hoaglin Wellness Center and the Center for Belonging and Inclusion. Held weekly.


There are lots of ways to belong at Denison — more than 250 student groups are self-organized around identity, favorite activities, club sports, and more. Find your way to get involved!