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We share tips and advice to help build your financial literacy and gain life long benefits.

Build your financial literacy and gain lifelong benefits.

Denison’s Financial Literacy and Wellness Program offers engaging, one-to-one financial coaching, and a wide variety of workshops and events to help you enhance your knowledge and confidence in areas of personal finance.

Our student-centered approach supports and encourages you to establish a basic level of financial literacy and develop positive financial behaviors — at no cost to you.

We work with you to strategize on:


Creating a budget will help you learn to to plan, track and review your income, savings, and expenses. This skill is important in college as you plan for tuition and living expenses at Denison, and after college to plan and implement your lifetime financial goals.


Learn how to establish and manage credit. Develop an understanding of credit reports and scores.


Research housing options and understand the process of renting.

Loan Borrowing & Repayment

Create repayment plans for student loans and personal debt.

Money Management

Learn how to analyze job offers and benefits packages. Gain understanding of the importance of saving and investing your money.


Whether or not you have to file a federal income tax return and whether you will owe income tax is based on many factors. We offer you guidelines for the most basic factors- dependency, income and filing status.

One-On-One Financial Coaching

Our Financial Wellness Program provides one-on-one coaching sessions to students and can be scheduled in-person, via phone, or Google Meet video conferencing. We help students understand their financial situations and explore options and resources. Our goal is to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed in their personal financial lives today and in the future. All coaching sessions are confidential.

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