Denison prides itself on offering a culturally diverse environment for its students. International students comprise 16% of our student body. Our strong academic reputation attracts talented students from nearly all U.S. states and more than 50 countries, so our students interact with people of many different faiths and cultural backgrounds.

We Make It Easy!

Our admission policies reflect our commitment to providing equal access to a phenomenal Denison education:


Denison applicants have not been required to submit ACT or SAT scores since 2008. If you choose to be a test-optional admission candidate, simply select that option on your application, and we will focus on all the other things that make you great.

No fee to apply for admission

Proof that the phrase “Nothing good in life is free” is pure fallacy. Put that money toward your phone bill or something much more fun than app fees.

No supplemental essay required

That’s us helping you find time to rewatch a few episodes of The Office for the 100th time—or is that just us?

Apply Now!

International (anyone who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States) first-year students interested in Denison must submit an application through the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Don’t stress, there is no difference in how we evaluate application types.

International transfer students should complete the Transfer Common Application. Learn more about applying as a transfer applicant »

Admission Rounds & Deadlines

For first-year applicants, we have early decision and regular decision.

- Early Decision 1: November 15

- Early Decision 2: January 15

- Regular Decision: January 15

Transfer applicant? Deadlines are a little different. Learn More »

Regardless of when an admission decision is released, all admission decisions become final and official on April 1. Any appeals must be submitted prior to April 1.

What is Early Decision?

Early decision is a great option for students who know Denison is their first choice college. It is binding, meaning that students admitted in an early decision round are committed to enroll at Denison and must withdraw any applications from other institutions.

A higher percentage of students are admitted through our early decision rounds, and ED applicants typically receive their admission decisions within a few weeks after the application deadline, where RD students receive decisions by late-March.

International Admission Application 101

In evaluating your application to Denison, we take a number of things into consideration about you as an individual. We are seeking students who have demonstrated a seriousness toward their academic life and who, in addition, would bring a variety of interests, characteristics, and personal qualities to our dynamic campus community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact information for international applicants

All offers of admission are conditional based on Denison’s Conditions of Admission policy.

Denison University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in matters of admission, employment, and housing, and in access to and participation in its education programs, services, and activities. No person shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, religion, creed, or disability.