Representative State/Territory for Denison On the Road

Denison Admission staff members travel throughout the country and around the world looking for talented students.

Alabama - Greg Garcia
Alaska - Caitlin Latta
Arizona - Jasmine Wilson
Arkansas - Greg Garcia
California - Caitlin Latta
Colorado - Jasmine Wilson
Connecticut - Pieter Hansen
Delaware - Alee Singer
Florida - Greg Garcia
Georgia - Greg Garcia
Hawaii - Caitlin Latta
Idaho - Jasmine Wilson
Illinois - Exree Hipp
Indiana - Abby Frank
International: Africa, Europe (except United Kingdom), Oceania - Pieter Hansen
International: Asia, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Middle East, South America, United Kingdom - Bryce Benton
International: China - Uma Gao
Iowa - Hannah Sowder
Kansas - Hannah Sowder
Kentucky - Abby Frank
Louisiana - Greg Garcia
Maine - Pieter Hansen
Maryland - Alee Singer
Massachusetts - Pieter Hansen
Michigan - Abby Frank
Minnesota - Abby Frank
Mississippi - Greg Garcia
Missouri - Abby Frank
Montana - Jasmine Wilson
Nebraska - Hannah Sowder
Nevada - Caitlin Latta
New Hampshire - Pieter Hansen
New Jersey - Jasmine Wilson
New Mexico - Jasmine Wilson
New York (New York City) - Caitlin Latta
New York (Upstate) - Pieter Hansen
New York (Westchester and Long Island) - Alee Singer
North Carolina - Greg Garcia
North Dakota - Hannah Sowder
Ohio (Columbus) - Exree Hipp
Ohio (excluding Columbus) - Abby Frank
Oklahoma - Hannah Sowder
Oregon - Abby Frank
Pennsylvania - Jasmine Wilson
Rhode Island - Pieter Hansen
South Carolina - Greg Garcia
South Dakota - Hannah Sowder
Tennessee - Greg Garcia
Texas - Greg Garcia
Transfer Students - Jesse Leary Yeager ’10
U.S. Territories - Greg Garcia
Vermont - Pieter Hansen
Virginia - Alee Singer
Washington - Abby Frank
Washington D.C. - Alee Singer
West Virginia - Abby Frank
Wisconsin - Exree Hipp
Wyoming - Jasmine Wilson