The 411 on Denison Admission Interviews

The written component of your application only tells a part of your story. It’s an important part, and we appreciate hearing your voice, reading about your accomplishments, and learning about you from your biggest advocates.

An interview gives us insight into your personality and character. After all, Denison is made up of 2,400 unique personalities, and they all contribute to make the Denison experience special. When we meet you, it helps us understand how you might fit into that tapestry.

Our Approach to Admission Interviews

You’ve already told us (or will eventually tell us) a lot in your application. So, our interviews are not a verbal recitation of your applications. Our interviews are instead designed to give us a sense of you that we don’t already have. Our questions focus on personal qualities rather than your resume.

While interviews are not required to be admitted, the majority of successful applicants complete an interview, and if you are serious about Denison we recommend sitting for an interview.

Interviews are structured

All applicants in a given application year will be asked the same set of questions. This helps us eliminate potential bias in the interview process and ensures a consistent evaluation across applicants from different backgrounds. And, our questions are created to help you shine.

Interviews are evaluative.

We use interviews as one of many factors in our selection process, and like the rest of those factors, no decision relies completely on one single component. Rather it helps us paint a more complete picture of you as a potential member of our community.

The Details

When to interview

  • Students may sit for an interview starting in March of their junior year, and interviews must be completed by the end of February of a student’s senior year. We recommend sitting for an interview during your campus visit if it falls within the availability window.
  • Interviews offered in January and February are reserved for students who have submitted an application. Additionally, we may invite select applicants to interview during this time.
  • Applicants may only sit for an interview once.

How to interview

  • We offer in-person interviews both on-campus and in various cities across the globe. We also offer virtual interview opportunities for those who are unable to attend an in person option.

What to expect

  • Interviews are conducted by trained admission staff members and senior Denison students.
  • Interviews typically last 20-25 minutes. There will be an opportunity at the end to ask your interviewer questions about Denison.
  • Please arrive on time for interviews as we often have many interviews scheduled back to back.
  • There is no dress code, and no need to prepare in advance. You’ll be talking about yourself, a subject you’re an expert in already!

Schedule an On-Campus Admission Interview:

Where to interview

If it’s possible for you to interview in-person, we strongly recommend it.

We value personal connection. So, we strongly prefer to meet you either during your visit to campus or when we are in your area. Having a face-to-face conversation is much more similar to how your professors, roommates, classmates, advisors, and mentors will interact with you at Denison, and we feel it allows for a better conversation.

Of course, we also completely understand that this isn’t an option for everyone. Virtual interviews take place using Zoom, and the structure and content of the interview is identical either in-person or virtually.

Interviewing Tips

Enjoy the conversation!

It is just that—a conversation with someone genuinely interested in you and what you have to say. No need to stress about it. Your interviewer wants the conversation to go well, too! Just think of this as yet another way to tell us a bit about yourself and show off your personality.

Be Yourself!

There is no “perfect applicant.” Every Denison student is unique, with various interests, strengths, and goals. Don’t try to fit yourself into an idea of what you think we are looking for—just be you!

Ask Questions!

Interviews are also a time for you to get to know Denison better, and by asking questions you are showing us you are interested in us.

Frequently Asked Questions