The 411 on Denison Admission Interviews

At Denison, we know that the collection of transcripts, lists of activities, and essays are just the beginning in understanding who our applicants are as students, leaders, and people. Our applicants are so much more dynamic than what we often see on a computer screen, and we’d love the opportunity to get to know the real you.

An interview is not required for admission consideration, but we do encourage applicants to complete one—as they often benefit students far beyond simply supplementing an application. Admission interviews provide prospective students the opportunity to connect with our community, to learn more about Denison, and to get your questions answered.

The Details

  • We offer admission interviews to prospective students beginning in January of a student’s junior year in high school through mid-January of a student’s senior year. Transfer students are also encouraged to interview.
  • Students should only complete one interview. Our interviews can be conducted by Admission Counselors, Senior Docents, or Alumni Admission Ambassadors—and can be hosted on campus, virtually, or in your hometown.
  • Regardless of how you interview, each option is conversational, evaluative, and weighted equally in our review process. Don’t stress—no need to prepare anything in advance.

Schedule an Admission Interview

We encourage you to consider one of our interview options below:

On-campus Interview

If you’re planning to visit the campus, you may consider interviewing while you are on “The Hill.”

Register for an On-campus Interview

Virtual Interview 

As we have all grown accustomed to more virtual human interaction as of late, you may prefer to schedule a virtual interview with an admission representative.

Register for a Virtual Interview

Alumni Interview

Another popular option—which provides a different perspective—is to interview with an Alumni Admission Ambassador.

Request an Alumni Interview

Interviewing Tips

Enjoy the conversation!

It is just that—a conversation with someone genuinely interested in you and what you have to say. No need to stress about it. Your interviewer wants the conversation to go well, too! Just think of this as yet another way to learn about Denison…and to brag a little bit about yourself.

Share your passions!

We want to know about the things that make you who you are. Do you read 50 science fiction books a year? Great! Did you complete a project at school that sparked an interest? Tell us about it! Do you spend weekends working at your local animal shelter? Awesome! Do you collect finger puppets of historical figures? Interesting! Still figuring out what you are passionate about, but actively dipping your toes in the water of various interests? Love it!

Be Yourself!

There is no “perfect applicant.” Every Denison student is unique, with various interests, strengths, and goals. Don’t try to fit yourself into an idea of what you think we are looking for—just be you!

Ask Questions!

Interviews are a time for you to get to know Denison better as well, and by asking questions you are showing us you are interested in us. No questions are stupid questions, and if your interviewer doesn’t know the answer, they will follow up with you after asking an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions