A Best of Both Worlds Location

Fact: Beautiful college campuses are a dime a dozen. And Denison fits the mold: gorgeous falling leaves, paths that wind around beautiful buildings that house awesome labs, classrooms, and performing arts spaces; a campus that sits atop a hill overlooking the picturesque village of Granville. But at Denison, you get all that and our big-city neighbor of Columbus, just 25 minutes away. So choosing Denison means you get the community of a smaller town and the amenities—food, sports, entertainment, internships, arts—of the 14th largest city in the nation.

Intellectual Growth + Practical Know-How

The life of the mind is certainly a goal worth pursuing when you think about must-haves for your higher ed experience. But let’s get real: all that intellectual rigor becomes a much stronger asset if you can couple it with practical career and life skills. A Denison education means you’ll walk away with critical-thinking, problem-solving, and strong communication skills, as well as practical, resumé-boosting experience highly valued by companies.


We’ve got connections, and we’re all about sharing. The Denison Edge in downtown Columbus is a hub for internship and networking opportunities in the area and around the world. Denison partners with some of the top Fortune 500 companies, arts organizations, research facilities, and others to get our students’ feet in the door through internships, experiential learning opportunities, and get-to-know-you events. But what’s more is that joining the Denison family means you automatically share a common experience with our 40,000-strong alumni base, and we’ll assist you in connecting with those graduates already out succeeding in their careers.

A True Mentor (or Three)

There is no doubt that the college experience is stronger if students are able to connect with a mentor during their four years on campus. Most schools will tell you that finding a mentor is a key to success. But the truth is, our peers also tout 42 percent of students who find a mentor. At Denison, that number is over 90. You’re a smart cookie: You do the math.

State-of-the-art facilities

Residential halls that feel like home—with a dedicated quad for seniors anchored by Silverstein Hall. Grand arts spaces like the Eisner Center for the Performing Arts, home to Sharon Martin Hall; Bryant Arts Center with student studio space; and Cinema House, with a 50-seat screening room with film and digital projection, a 16mm editing space, a digital editing suite with 5K Retina iMac workstations. And athletics facilities for every sport—including the Crown Fitness Center in Mitchell open to every student. At Denison you will find your spot.

An Education for the Future

Some schools dig their heels in and aren’t willing to evolve with the world around them. To them we say: You do you. At Denison, though, we aren’t afraid to innovate—U.S. News & World Report even says so. We love all the things that make Denison the special place it is—our traditions, our alumni, this beautiful spot on The Hill. But we also know that the students of today need to be prepared for the world that awaits them, so in recent years, we’ve added new academic programs, including data analytics; financial economics; global commerce; global health; politics and public affairs; and journalism, among others.

Lifetime Career Coaching

We have a larger and more robust career center than most of our peers. So, yes, you’ll get help with your resumé, but we consider that the bare minimum of what a college should offer students as they prepare for life with a degree. Denison’s Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration houses 16 career coaches specializing in everything from business to marketing to entertainment—coaches you can call on at any point in your career. Scope out possible career options through Knowlton Center programming—designed to help you explore areas of interest and figure out what you want to do, and just as important, what you don’t want to do. And when you’re ready for that coveted internship or first job? We’ll help you get there.

A Network For Life

We’re not just here for you for four years. Denison is here for you for a lifetime. The people you meet through campus clubs, sports, leadership positions, and activities will form the fabric of your network for years to come. Our career exploration coaches, internship opportunities, corporate connections, and powerful network of alumni—working in every field and in every part of the world—will help you along the way. All you have to say is, “I went to Denison.”

We meet 100% of demonstrated need.

Denison works to be affordable for all students.