The Possibility Project

An Early Exploration Workshop

Think the Knowlton Center is just for juniors and seniors? Think again!

The very best time to begin developing professional readiness is during the first two years of college. This is why we created The Possibility Project with first-year and sophomore students in mind.

Right now, you probably have more questions than answers. You might be wondering, what am I interested in? What do I care about? How do I figure those things out for myself? And how do my interests and abilities compare to my peers?

And that's perfectly OK. Possibility Project participants don't need to know the answers. They don't need to know their career path. They don't even need to know what they want to major in.

“I find myself still thinking about the questions raised, and I appreciate the way they keep my life more open and my focus on the longer-term.”

The goal of this foundational program is to practice speaking with confidence, learn how to interact effectively with individuals and groups, and even have some fun along the way.

As part of The Possibility Project, students work in small teams that meet weekly over the course of a semester. In guided workshops, they delve into their beliefs and interests, develop authentic, trusting relationships with their peers and team mentors, learn both to explore and to express their views, and practice giving and receiving feedback.

By the end of the semester, each team member delivers an eight-minute TED-style talk about a subject or issue she or he cares deeply about, and why. The overall outcome of the workshop is a deeper sense of confidence, curiosity, and community, as well as an appreciation for what each individual uniquely offers. Many teams even continue to deepen their relationships well after the workshop ends.

“The Possibility Project taught me how to think about myself and the people around me in new ways, and to present myself to my best advantage.”

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