Denison Internship Program

With the Denison Internship Program, you’ll get a structured learning experience, and the opportunity to earn an academic transcription notation, as you explore career fields and apply academic coursework to the workplace. We give you support before, during, and after the internship. And, if you want to accept an unpaid or low-paying internship, you can apply for a stipend.

The program is a partnership between students, employers, and The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration.

First, you’ll set your learning goals about what you want to hope to learn, achieve, and contribute at the start of the program. Mid-way through the internship experience, you’ll review your progress, and near the end of the term, you’ll take time for a self-evaluation and reflection process and create action steps.

Once all requirements are met successfully and approved by the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, you will earn academic transcript notation for your internship experience.

How do I get started with the Denison Internship Program?

  1. Read through the 2018 Denison Internship Program Guide
  2. Register your Internship
  3. Complete all required steps including submission of the offer letter, internship orientation and submission of learning goals. (details in the guide!)

To apply for stipend funding through the competitive application process, you must do all of the above, AND:

  1. Submit a 2018 Stipend Application including submission of a resume and a budget (see the guide for details!)
  2. Sign-up for a Stipend Interview
  3. Prepare for and successfully complete a stipend interview
  4. Complete all requirements (as noted in the guide!)
  5. Complete additional steps required for all stipend recipients (again, noted in the guide!)
  6. You will receive your stipend award via direct deposit.

After all requirements have been completed and you successfully complete your internship, the Knowlton Center will submit the information about your summer internship to the Registrar's Office for official transcript notation.

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