We offer smart, engaging programs and workshops on real-world topics. You’ll learn information and gain life skills that will serve you during college and for decades to come.

Money Management:

6-week Smart Money Bootcamp (Financial Wellness Series)

The 6-week bootcamp aims to inform, motivate, and support individuals in their own money management now and after Denison. During the bootcamp, participants meet once a week for 6 to cover a variety of topics ranging from student loans to investing and much more. You can expect to attend sessions with guest speakers as well as a half day ‘Adulting 101’ trip focused on renting your first apartment and buying a car. The weekly meetings are scheduled based on attendees availability.

Salary Negotiation

Whether you are negotiating your first job out of college or advocating for a raise, you need these essential skills to be effective.

  • Practice role-playing conversations with employers.
  • Available to schedule for your organization.
  • Workbook materials included.
  • Entire workshop is online compatible for remote learning.

Prepare for Graduation: Finances after Denison

Graduation is coming – are you prepared? Come to this workshop to learn the basic financial principles you need to make a successful transition from college life to full-time employment, including student loan repayment, building a transition fund, and taking advantage of employee benefits.

Visit the GradReady platform and create your own account. Practice different money management topics that are customizable like tracking your federal loan data and planning for repayment. Includes videos, resources, and real-world tools. Best thing of all you can access the online resource at your own time and place!

Ways to Save: Building Savings

Saving is a key building block to financial success. This workshop explores various ways to start saving or increase your savings. Discover tools that can give your savings a boost, whether building an emergency fund or saving for a big goal these tips and tricks will set you on the path to financial success.

Money Mindfulness

Frame what financial wellness means to you. Take a look at the “stuff” that you spend a lot of your life energy on — does this lead to never having enough money to fully achieve what you want? You can avoid feeling discontented. We will consider and talk about a list of activities that enhance our money mindfulness.

Money Habitudes

Let’s look at your financial habits and attitudes around money. This workshop includes a quiz to help you determine your money personality.


Meal Planning and Budgeting

Americans spend on average 9.5% of their disposable income on food. This amount can vary largely on personal habits and practices. Good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with financial wellness. Learn tips and tools to help both our budget and our eating habits.

Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101 will equip you with general information about your study abroad options. We will discuss all the basics: program types, eligibility, housing, finances, the application process and how to prepare for your program.

Loan Borrowing and Management:

Student Loan Repayment Workshop

You’ve got a student loan, how do you start paying it back? In this workshop you’ll learn about:

  • Repayment options,
  • Deferment,
  • Default prevention,
  • And more.