State-of-the-art Programs

We believe professional readiness happens when students develop the skills, experiences, and relationships that prepare them not just to find a job but to build a life.

“A great college experience helps students decide the kind of life they want to lead, how work facilitates that life and gives them the attributes, networks and experiences to get there.”
— President Adam Weinberg

1:1 Career Coaching

Our 16 career coaches provide almost 3,800 personal consultations each year. We help you explore who you are, what you need, what you have to contribute, and then focus these insights to help you plan your future.

Career Communities

Career communities gather the people, opportunities, tools, and resources you need to explore a range of career paths, industries and professions.

These signature programs are developed especially for you to identify your passions and talents, hone your skills, and launch into your preferred career. Connections to the Denison network of over 40,000 alumni support you along the way.

Career-Ready Bootcamps

You can participate in a series of three-day workshops, tailored to your class year, that cover career-essentials and other topics based on your personal interests.

Career Launch Mentorship

Connect with alumni and parents in your field of interest or desired city, and receive support in finding internships and job opportunities through our Wisr platform.

Designing Your Life

The same design thinking responsible for amazing technology, products, and spaces can be used to design and build your career and your life.

Career Treks

Short, exploratory company site visits and networking events give you understanding and professional knowledge to plan your future with confidence. Our Career Treks programs are varied to cater to a range of experiences and interests that align with our career communities. Some of these include: financial services; consulting & business; healthcare & clinical research; marketing, sales & communication; nonprofit, education & government; technology, data & science; visual, written & performing arts.

Internship Program

The Denison Internship Program offers a structured learning experience as you explore career fields and apply your academic knowledge to the workplace.

Journey Program

Find personal career clarity in the Journey Program. Reflect on your values and what success means to you, then build a career roadmap for your time at Denison and beyond.


What's Happening

Workshops & Info Sessions

Creative Career Match-up

A career fair for the arts brought together Denison students and creative professionals for an energizing and informative evening.


A race to win

Students competed in a race sponsored by Penske Corporation. The goal: Create the best pitch.

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