There’s a reason why Denison has more than 160 campus organizations: because at some point, an enterprising student or group of students started each one.

It’s a tradition that goes back to at least 1857 and the founding of the Denisonian, our campus newspaper and oldest organization. Since then, students have introduced groups with interests ranging from academic to spiritual, from fraternal to cultural, from service to athletics and beyond. Some thrive for decades, if not longer, while others rise and wane based on the strengths and commitment of their members.

If, after exploring the current organizations, you don’t find whatever fits your particular passion, then a time-tested process will help you get started. It generally involves writing a constitution or by-laws, lining up a faculty advisor, and appointing a president (yourself?) and a secretary or treasurer if you’ll be requesting operational funds from Denison Community Governance Association (DCGA). Sound complicated? Maybe, but more than 160 other students have done it!