Fraternity and sorority communities offer a learning lab to support students’ launch after graduation. FSL members will learn to:

  • Articulate their personal and organizational values
  • Positively impact their communities
  • Develop cultural competence, learn to collaborate with others different than themselves, and embrace the values of equity and inclusion
  • Develop and demonstrate leadership skills
  • Respect social responsibility and exhibit behaviors that advance a health community
  • Develop and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships
  • Articulate how their co-curricular involvement integrates with their personal and professional goals and post-graduate success

FSL members learn and grow their capacities through programs and relationships.

Community service & philanthropic participation

Members take pride in giving their time to local and national philanthropies and completing numerous community service projects. Chapter members support many causes through service and philanthropy and these opportunities foster personal growth and greater unity among the fraternity and sorority community.


Fraternity and sorority life promotes the development of close ties between members through living, studying, working, competing and having fun together. These lifetime relationships go beyond ordinary friendships to become like that of a family and can last a lifetime.


While academic achievement is the primary reason to attend college, social interaction is an important part of our learning and living environment. Denison’s fraternity and sorority social and recreational activities give you the opportunity to meet a variety of people and to strengthen the bonds of friendship at the same time. Participation in traditional events, such as Homecoming, Greek Week and philanthropic events, demonstrates FSL unity and spirit. While the majority of the formal events in a chapter do not involve alcohol there are some that do.