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Information from 2021-2022 Course Catalog

With a long-standing tradition of strength in science and pre-engineering, Denison offers two plans to prepare for an engineering career. In the first, students receive a bachelor’s degree after four years at Denison with a major in natural sciences or mathematics, followed by two years of graduate work at another institution leading to a master’s degree in engineering. Denison students are regularly accepted to graduate engineering programs at leading universities.

The second plan is a 3+2 / 4+2 program in which students study three or four years at Denison, and an additional two years at an affiliated engineering school, resulting in two bachelor’s degrees. Denison is affiliated in such dual-degree programs with Washington University (St. Louis) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Students interested in these plans should contact the Pre-Engineering Director, Steven Doty, at their earliest opportunity. The required math and science courses typically include:

Course Information Table for Pre-Engineering

Course Number

Course Title

PHYS 125

Principles of Physics I

PHYS 126

Principles of Physics II

PHYS 127

Principles of Physics III

PHYS 200

Modern Physics

MATH 135

Single Variable Calculus

MATH 145

Multi-variable Calculus

MATH 213

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

CHEM 131

Atoms and Molecules: Structure and Dynamics

CS 173

Intermediate Computer Science

Additional courses may be required, depending on the chosen field of engineering.

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