A Sustainable Lifestyle

Located one mile from campus, since 1977 the Homestead has been a home to a student community committed to a sustainable lifestyle. In pursuit of more ecologically responsible living, 12 students learn and work together while residing in student-built cabins. Homesteaders grow much of their own food and supplement their diet with produce from local farms and co-ops. They rely solely on electricity produced by their small solar array. The Homestead is home to two organic gardens, a greenhouse, an herb garden, and an orchard. To maintain their food sources and cabins, Homesteaders, as well as other students, participate in weekly work parties. The Homestead provides students the unique opportunity to implement the principles of a low-input, socially responsible lifestyle through community-based collaboration.

In 2013, the students built a new cabin that is carbon negative, meaning it produces more energy than it uses. The cabin features a number of green technologies, including 26 solar panels, a wood-fired radiant floor heating system, composting toilets and a beautiful passive solar design.