Life in an intentional community like the Homestead requires a shared commitment to common values and goals, as well as to one another.


Regular gatherings are an essential part of life at the Homestead; they keep the community aligned and provide avenues for open communication. Meetings include:

  • A weekly evening meeting to discuss ongoing issues and needs and to plan for groceries, chores and upcoming events. It’s a time to check in with one another, get organized, voice opinions and respect the contributions of each community member.
  • Saturday morning work parties, when homesteaders share breakfast and welcome anyone from the greater Denison or local community to chop wood, tend gardens, clean cabins and help with other seasonal tasks.
  • Weekly Homestead Seminar sessions, when faculty and other guests are invited to lead discussions on topics relevant to the Homestead and homesteaders’ interests.
  • Ongoing responsibilities such as cooking dinner on a rotating basis and completing daily chores that keep the Homestead running smoothly.
  • Attending monthly Homestead Advisory Board meetings when possible.


Homesteaders affirm their commitment to one another and to the Homestead by signing a contract at the beginning of each semester. They pledge to:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Homestead
  • Respect other homesteaders
  • Fulfill time commitments
  • Share in maintaining the Homestead
  • Work to advance the Homestead’s mission


Homesteaders help their community grow by participating in outreach activities, continually thinking about ways to increase the reach of the Homestead’s mission and message. These include regular events (bi-annual open houses, workshops, reunions) as well as partnerships with other Denison groups and participation as a group in campus activities.