Application Period

The Homestead accepts applications for residents three times a year: during spring semester (for new fall semester homesteaders), during fall semester (for new spring semester homesteaders) and during spring semester for summer homesteaders. Applicants must be a sophomore by the semester they intend to live at the Homestead. When open, applications will be posted here and advertised around campus via flyers, ads and word of mouth. For questions about the application period, contact Ashley Metzger, Homestead Coordinator.

Tips for applicants

Prior experience with the Homestead lets us know that you understand the Homestead and its philosophy. Participation as a non-resident also demonstrates a commitment to the Homestead. Applicants who demonstrate a consistent interest in and enthusiasm for the Homestead and actively participate in Homestead activities will not only gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the Homestead community but will gain favorable weight in review of their application. Before you decide to apply, you are encouraged (though not required) to:

  • Take a tour
  • Talk to current Homesteaders about what it means to be a member of this community
  • Come to a Saturday morning work party, Friday dinner or Homestead seminar session

Please take your time and fill out the application fully and thoughtfully. Remember that some of the people reading your application will not have met you, and so will be basing their evaluation on what you write and how well your answers illustrate a commitment to the Homestead and its ideals.

If you are not invited to join the Homestead the first time you apply, don’t lose heart! We encourage people to re-apply. Sometimes we simply do not have enough space for all the people who would like to live at the Homestead, so we have to turn down some people–even though their applications are very, very good!

Application Process

Here is the brief version of what happens once you submit your application:

  1. Once the application period ends, the Homestead Coordinator sends names of all applicants to Residential Communities to make sure applicants are eligible to live in satellite housing (the Homestead is classified as satellite housing).
  2. Eligible applications are forwarded to all current Homesteaders and to the Homestead Advisory Board Applications Committee (HAB-AC). HAB-AC is a sub-set of people on the Homestead Advisory Board. Typically, HAB-AC is comprised of: the HAB Chair, the Homestead Coordinator, the Assistant Director of Residential Communities, and two faculty members.
  3. HAB-AC members evaluate the applications and prepare written recommendations, including comments on each application’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Homesteaders meet to read the HAB-AC recommendations and to evaluate applications. By the end of this meeting, all the applicants will be ranked.
  5. Final rankings go back to HAB-AC for approval. Top-ranked applicants are invited to join the Homestead.

Current Homesteaders must re-apply every semester. The re-application process is a bit less formal than a new applicant would go through; it mainly allows current Homesteaders to renew their commitment to the Homestead and to each other.