30 reasons to love the 'Stead

March 9, 2016

Grace Bachmann ’17 shares 30 reasons to love the Homestead:

  1. The smell and sound of burning wood every day, and smelling like wood smoke on winter mornings.
  2. Coming in from the cold to warm up next to the fire.
  3. Weekly meetings with time to check in with others, discuss the homestead and take care of one another.
  4. Consensus.
  5. Spontaneous, late night music-making.
  6. Control over my living space. If I want to paint on the walls I can. But this freedom comes with responsibility over my living situation.
  7. Home-cooked meals cooked on a wood-burning stove.
  8. Fresh eggs from our chickens.
  9. Our chickens
  10. Walking to campus over the river and through the woods with morning mist and chirping birds.
  11. Neighbors and roommates who respect your space and privacy.
  12. The most interesting plumbing system in this area code.
  13. A lesson in self-sufficiency.
  14. Early morning walks through the trees.
  15. Solitude.
  16. Mountains of flannel.
  17. Bookshelves galore.
  18. Music for the masses.
  19. A community of respectful, creative, absolutely wonderfully weird individuals.
  20. Cats cats cats cats.
  21. Every Saturday morning, being able to split wood, garden, make breakfast, and complete general tasks outdoors, while finishing with wrestling in the mud and driving in the back of a beat up pickup truck to campus.
  22. Coming home at all times of the day to a place I helped build, both physically and emotionally, as well as nine other people I love and care about.
  23. Discovering new things whenever I venture into Cabin 1/the costume closet (the only original building remaining at the Homestead).
  24. Being able to fall asleep underneath a skylight and look at the stars before going to bed.
  25. Seeing the Moon, Milky Way, and Jupiter all in one night.
  26. Being in sync with the seasons.
  27. Walking to and from class with the sound of snow crunching underneath my feet
  28. Having insightful and meaningful conversations on a daily basis
  29. Retreating from the stresses of campus and instead entering a place of love, funk, music, shenanigans, and tranquility.
  30. The prospect of taking a solar shower this spring.
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