No Denison experience should be complete without a visit to the Homestead.

The peaceful, tree-lined walk prepares visitors to enter a unique space, surrounded by woods and fields. Listen for the babble of the brook as you cross over the bridges, and watch for deer, birds, native plants and the roaming Homestead cats.

While Homesteaders love to welcome guests and give tours, the Homestead is foremost a residence, and it’s important to respect the privacy of the students who live there. When planning a visit, please coordinate with a current Homesteader, arrange a tour with the Homestead Coordinator, watch for news of the bi-annual Homestead Open House or come to a Saturday morning work party, when everyone is welcome to tend the gardens, chop wood and get a feel for daily Homestead life.

Getting Here

The Homestead is located at 1385 North Street. From Denison’s campus or downtown Granville, head north on Pearl Street/SR 661, passing New Burg Street on the left and the Facilities Services building on the right. Turn left into the parking lot at the Denison Recycling Center and park near the Homestead gate. While there is a driveway leading back to the Homestead, those who are physically able are asked to walk. Those with accessibility concerns may drive or arrange for transportation by contacting the Homestead Coordinator.

Once parked, prepare for the walk to the Homestead; consider bringing boots, an umbrella or a flashlight, depending on the weather and time of day. Pass through the gate and follow the road into the woods. Once you cross over a cement bridge, you’ll arrive at a field marked with a large “WE” sculpture. Proceed slightly to the right through the field, or continue following the road straight—both paths lead to the Homestead. Most activities center around Cabin Bob, at the southwest end of the grounds—come on up and welcome!

Click map below for directions once you arrive.