Honors Day has been a long-standing tradition in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. It is our opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students to the study of Physics, the practice of Physics, and the sharing of Physics with the community.

On Monday, May 2nd, we gathered together to have dinner and give recognition to our graduating seniors, dedicated student mentors, and award-winning scholars. In addition to our on-campus students, we were able to celebrate via zoom with our off-campus seniors, those currently enrolled in 3/2 programs. It was wonderful to carry on the tradition with this remarkable group of students.

University-Wide Honors

  • Induction into Phi Beta Kappa: Jaelyn Roth, Fabri Vassallo, Riley Coburn
  • Anderson Scholarship for Excellence in Science: Abby Engler and Niranjan Reji
  • President’s Medal: Lucy Anderson and Jaelyn Roth

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees

  • William Decker
  • Rae Furge
  • Duncan Humphries
  • Junaid Imran
  • Henry Kline
  • Cong Nguyen
  • Alex Nie
  • Niranjan Reji
  • Stanley Zhang

Award for Excellence in Introductory Physics 121-122 (Book) Awards

  • Abby Engler
  • Maddie Goodman
  • Ian Greear
  • Nadeem Jones
  • Luke Martinucci
  • Eiman Stiffler
  • Saloni Todi
  • Maggie Wills
  • Di Wu

Award for Excellence in Introductory Physics 125-126 (Book) Awards

  • Aaron Bachman
  • Maggie Hausman
  • Maggie Malin
  • Niall Prochazka
  • Isaias Vasquez
  • Daniel Ziabicki

Department Fellows

The Department reserves this designation for rising juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a high ability and interest in physics, and who have made significant contributions to the Department in various ways. Fellows also have the responsibility to be leaders and good role models in the Department.

Next Year’s Senior Fellows:

  • Rae Furge
  • Eliot Hiegel
  • Fabri Vassallo (JR)

Next Year’s Junior Fellows:

  • Duncan Humphries
  • Henry Kline
  • Alex Nie
  • Niranjan Reji

Denison Society of Physics Students Leadership Award

This award recognizes a student or students for their excellent leadership and strong organizational skills within our SPS Chapter: Rae Furge

Ben Leslie Experimentalist Fellow

This award, named in memory of Ben Leslie (‘99), is awarded to a student who demonstrates superb ability and potential as an experimentalist: Fabri Vassallo

Mike Mickelson Research Award

The Mike Mickelson Research Award is intended to recognize students that have not only done excellent research, but combined intellectual ownership, curiosity, and skill to drive the research project in novel and important directions:

  • Jaelyn Roth
  • Erich Wette

Samuel C. Wheeler Award in Physics

This award is given for excellence in the understanding and doing of physics combined with leadership in the Department:

  • Erich Wette

Ron Winters Award in Physics

This award, established in 1999, recognizes the intellectual horsepower of the recipient, their ability to do and understand physics, and their dedication to the study of physics. It is given for excellence in the understanding and doing of physics combined with leadership in the Department:

  • Jaelyn Roth
May 7, 2023